Dreamspinner Press, Sue Brown

Sue Brown Has Created An “Isle of Wishes”

“And that is how change happens. One gesture. One person. One moment at a time.” ― Libba Bray

This sequel was wonderfully written and kept my attention from the start. We are first introduced to Paul Owens. Paul is Sam Owens’ brother. If you read the first book in the series then you will remember Sam and Liam from The Isle of…Where? Paul is the youngest brother of the Owens clan and it seems he is the most promiscuous. Paul is an equal opportunity lover of both women and men; however, he never invites them for an encore performance. He has never had, nor does he want a ::shudder:: relationship.

At the beginning of the book Sam makes a reappearance and we find out that Liam, Sam’s fiance, has gone missing. Since Liam is a family member, whether the wedding has officially happened yet or not, Paul is instantly in “cop mode” and arranging for he and Sam to fly to the states to find Liam.

When Paul and Sam find out that Liam’s rental car has been found and the police are assuming Liam stole it, they head out to the sheriff station to let them know that Liam is in fact missing. At this point they meet Detective Olaf Skandik, who Paul realizes, is a walking wet dream. Unfortunately for Paul Olaf is so deep in the closet Narnia would be a beach vacation.

Detective Olaf Skandik is an ex-military man with an ultra-conservative family that keeps him from being himself out in the open. What Olaf wants more than anything is a man that loves him and him alone. Someone he can build a life with. He just isn’t sure if he is willing to give up his family to live the dream. His parents have made it clear that they will not accept his homosexuality and his boss has made it clear that he does not want to employ any homosexuals. Then lightning strikes the moment Olaf lays eyes on Paul Owens.

It seemed to me as a reader that these two men were perfect for one another. I believe the fact that they are both police officers makes them even closer. Paul understands when Olaf has to rush out to work, and he understands when Olaf can’t discuss the details of Liam’s case. Luckily, or not, Paul is a great police officer himself and he helps find some details that eventually lead to solving the case.

After spending a few days getting to know one another both in and out of bed, the two men begin to fall in love. Paul is very conflicted with this turn of events, he doesn’t believe he and Olaf can make a relationship work like Sam and Liam did. He also isn’t sure if that is what he wants. So, when he has to return to England he does it with no expectations of making his time with Olaf more than a fun fling.

After two months without contact, everyone around Paul is tired of watching him pine away for someone he claims was just a “one off”. After his work partner has a talk with him about the change in his attitude since he got back from America, Paul decides to call Olaf and they both admit to having deeper feelings than they let on. Paul also gets a huge surprise when he finds out that Olaf was not only invited to Sam and Liam’s wedding, but he is planning on attending.

When Olaf gets to England, he and Paul find that the connection was deeper than they both thought. They just have a few barriers they have to get past before there can be a happily ever after. A few of these barriers are Paul’s family, Olaf’s family and Olaf’s coming out or not. The two men get up to some very smexy shenanigans and also have some very tender moments together. I loved watching them face down Rose, Mattie and the rest of the Owens clan. Olaf has reached sainthood with them all and he doesn’t understand the way this very close family operates.

I sincerely hope that there is another book in this series because I was left with some questions that weren’t answered before the dreaded words “The End” appeared on my Kindle. I highly recommend this book and the first book of the series also. So head on over and pick up your copy and take a trip to the Isle of Wishes. You definitely won’t be disappointed.

Reviewed by: Jackie

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