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Character Interview and Giveaway: The Soulmate for SIN Blog Tour With Izzy van Swelm

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The Novel Approach is pleased to have author Izzy van Swelm with us today as she tours to promote her debut novel Soulmate for SIN. Please join me in welcoming Izzy, enjoy the character interview, then be sure to enter for the chance to win a signed copy of the book. Just click on the Rafflecopter widget below to enter.

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Hello, can you tell us your name and who you are please?

Hello. I’m Sally Newton and I’m SIN’s mother. I live in a village outside of GTown with my husband, Snowy. (Brushes down front of skirt) He’s a lovely man, we’ve been married for thirty-five years and never a cross word. He’s an accountant…very respectable and loves his family. Don’t know how he puts up with me sometimes. (Giggles)

What can you tell us about the story in Soul Mate for SIN?

Hey, you asked the boys to describe their appearance in their interviews? This is just what happens, middle age women, we’re invisible. One minute you’re complaining with your girlfriends about sexist builders wolf whistling as you walk by, and the next…they don’t even look. (sighs tragically) Sorry, what was the question?

Um…your hair looks very nice…What can you tell us about the story…?

Thank you, I had it done especially for this interview. Yes…yes the story…Well it was all a bit hard, and a terrible shock. They’re all such lovely boys…I can’t understand it myself, and when I found out how and why!! Well I’m sure you understand how guilty we felt, Snowy and me. If I’d had any idea…well it’s no good looking back like that is it… we’d all do things differently if we had pre-knowledge wouldn’t we? Oh dear, I haven’t given too much away have I?

No, I can honestly say, you haven’t. As a mother do you have any problem with SIN being gay?

Good grief no. Why would I? He’s the same little boy he always was, just grown up. Listen to me… all a mother wants, or should want, is for their children to find a way in life to be happy, productive, fulfilled, and find a loving companion to go through that life with. SIN is a good boy and he’s had a lot to cope with, but he had us and his gorgeous boyfriend to get him through.

Part of me thinks it’s sad they have to ‘come out’ formally. Why don’t we just support and love our kids and be happy that they want to bring their boyfriends or girlfriends home to meet us, at all.

What will readers find if they read Soul Mate for SIN?

Well, they will find a good story…I think that’s important don’t you? Lots of nice people and a couple of not so nice…well it’s not like it first seems…oops…can’t say that. Some funny bits…I had a chuckle…some bits were a bit hard, but there you go things happen and you just go on don’t you? Oh and some sexy bits but I skipped over those…some things a mother doesn’t need to know…it’s quite tasteful I’m told. (Clears throat) oh and a lovely happy ending. :)

Thank you very much for your time Sally.

Oh you’re welcome. Anything for Izzy.


SoulmateForSin_cvrTitle: Soulmate for SIN

Author: Izzy van Swelm

Publisher: Wilde City Press

Publication Date: 28 Jan 2015

Cover Artist: Adrian Nicholas

Genre: Contemporary, Gay, MM Romance

Blurb: The effects of an attack on SIN, a twenty-nine year old University lecturer, reach out fur-ther into his future than SIN could ever imagine. In a story, which seems doomed to start with an end, SIN learns about the forever kind of love, and how family is not just biological. ‘Soul-Mate for SIN’ shows how twists of fate can take a loving, but ordinary family, from a small market town in Lincolnshire, England and turn them into something extraordinary.


Author BioAuthor Bio: Izzy van Swelm is English, but took her Mother in Law’s maiden name as a pen name. Izzy dreams of a world where all sentient species have rights and respect. A world where LGBTQ lovers and friends, old and young, can walk holding hands meeting nothing more than the occasional affectionate eye roll. A world where intelligence, gentleness and compassion are the overwhelming attributes of politicians, and religion is practiced by those who believe, but never forced on those who do not.

Izzy is a romantic, a dreamer, a vegetarian and just a little eccentric. Izzy writes because she loves to tell stories, and she hopes that her stories will bring happiness, enjoyment and maybe to some…a little hope.

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