3 Stars, K.C. Burn, Loose Id, Mystery/Suspense/Action Thriller, Paranormal Romance, Reviewed by Rena

Review: North on Drummond by K.C. Burn

Title: North on Drummond

Author: K.C. Burn

Publisher: Loose Id

Pages/Word Count: 287 Pages

At a Glance: A too-light hand in its treatment of conflict and characterization left me wishing for more.

Reviewed By: Rena

Blurb: Sandy Bottom Bay, Florida – Come for the Haunts, Stay for the Beaches!

Drew Drummond might call himself a psychic tarot reader, but he doesnt believe in the supernatural. The business was left to him by his grandmother, and seemed the best way to rise above the chronic criminal behavior of the Drummond family. Despite his efforts, few of the townspeople consider him a good romantic match. Being gay only makes finding love more difficult.

When Cliff Garcia, Drews teenaged crush, moves back to town and joins the police force, Drew doesnt think he has a chance. After all, the skeptical cop considers Drews profession on par with professional con man, and Cliff had spent his entire school career feuding with Drews volatile brothers. Despite the obstacles, Drew and Cliff begin a fiery relationship.

Just when Drew starts to believe they might have a chance, he suffers a head injury and begins having visions of the future. If Drew tells Cliff the truth, hell lose the man hes falling for, but keeping his new ability a secret is no longer an option. If he cant convince Cliff hes for real, a murderer will walk free.


Review: North on Drummond is chock-full of potential as a paranormal, suspense-filled novel with a generous helping of romance on the side. Considering the setting – Sandy Bottom Bay – a town known for its terrible past and the possibility of lots of juicy hauntings, the environment offers us a tantalizing backdrop for mysteries and even a mixed bag of otherworldly and faux-paranormal happenings. Add to that a colorful cast of characters from wildly differing backgrounds, along with the encroaching of more insidious elements from Hollywood, and we’ve got a recipe for a great, absorbing read.

The problem, however, is that the plot ends up rather disjointed, and the characters – save for perhaps Drew – stay firmly in their two-dimensional molds.

I was really hoping to see the setting develop beyond being a mere backdrop. Given the extent to which Sandy Bottom Bay has shaped Cliff’s past and his subsequent desire to run the hell away from the place the first chance he got, I’d at first expected a more thorough weaving of the environment, his past, and his present in order to provide us a good understanding of his personality. His history, as he regards it, is pretty traumatic for him with his parents’ divorce and his belief of his mother’s indifference. Her apparent gullibility when it comes to all things supernatural is also a pretty big issue for Cliff, who’s developed an antipathy toward other people’s beliefs that’s extreme to the point of being judgmental and even condescending. And that’s pretty much the reason why I started off cool toward Cliff, and ended the book disliking him a lot.

There’s so much attention placed on the romance and the sex scenes that the plot simply falls to the wayside. Cliff, especially, could’ve been a complex character and, in fact, starts the book with a promise of good development that would’ve helped me sympathize with him and accept his flaws. Unfortunately we don’t go beyond knowing basic facts about him, and the only reason we do is because we’re told that, not shown it. Cliff doesn’t really interact with his mother, save for two brief scenes, and there’s not much going on in those.

The same goes with the way complications are handled. By and large, they promise us an absorbing read, but the manner in which they unfold and are sorted out is surprisingly light. The lovers’ quarrel, for instance, blows up and then is fixed within a handful of hours, and even then, the cause of the quarrel stands on shaky ground (see: Cliff’s characterization), and the resolution doesn’t even absolve Cliff because he doesn’t arrive at understanding through his own efforts. Instead, someone else gives him what for, and that’s it. There’s a frequent defaulting to misunderstanding and lack of communication as sources of romantic angst. Even the murder mystery’s resolution happens off-screen. The problem with this light and almost dismissive treatment of different conflicts is that every subplot is interconnected, and if one gets glossed over, the rest don’t hold up to scrutiny as well as they should – like a domino effect.

Some of the side characters also suffer from a lack of development, even if only a smidge. Brett’s a one-dimensional jerk through and through, and Cliff’s mom, who sounds like a fantastic foil to Cliff, also remains a benevolent shadow in the background. Rob and Wyatt, at least, give us something a little more, but Scott doesn’t, even as an awesome straight buddy. Again, considering the roles these side characters play in Cliff’s life, it was a disappointment seeing them painted with very, very light brushstrokes.

Drew, on the other hand, doesn’t suffer as much along the same lines. He’s written in a more sympathetic light, and his doubts and fears, in tandem with his remarkable background as a Drummond, allow him more layers than what we see in Cliff.

So as much as I’d have loved to have gotten really swept up by this book, things didn’t quite turn out the way I’d hoped. As it is, a too-light hand in its treatment of conflict and characterization left me wishing for more.

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All Romance eBooks

Coastal Magic Convention, K.C. Burn

Countdown to Coastal Magic With KC Burn – A Sneak Peek at “North on Drummond”

Coastal Magic ConI’m KC Burn and I’m so looking forward to being at Coastal Magic in February! I wasn’t able to go this year, as I ended up moving from Florida to California, but the previous year, in St. Augustine, was such a fantastic time. I discovered that, despite being horribly uncomfortable speaking in public, panels were a lot of fun. I ended up on several panels with some fantastic authors, and talking about world building and writing with other authors, and getting input from the audience was so incredible and inspiring. Being in such a small, intimate environment with readers and other authors… I don’t think there’s anything better.

So, here’s a little blurb and excerpt from… well, I can’t exactly call it an upcoming release, but with any luck, it will be available for Coastal Magic. Here’s a sneak peek at North on Drummond. Continue reading

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Here’s A Sneak Peek At The Coming Week

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4.5 Stars, Audio Book, Dreamspinner Press, Genre Romance, K.C. Burn, Reviewed by Kim

Sound Bite Sunday: “Cast Off” by KC Burn – Narrated By Tristan James

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Author: KC Burn

Narrator:: Tristan James

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Run Time: 7 Hours, 35 Minutes

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Blurb: Thirty-five-year-old Rick Haviland is a well-respected speech pathologist, but while his friends are all settling into relationships, he refuses to give up his no-strings-attached club-boy sex life. For him, relationships are dangerous; he’s got a secret to hide. When he meets Ian O’Donnell, an account manager with a local tabloid, Rick figures his personal rules for relationships should be enough to keep him safe from more than a one-night stand. Continue reading

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Sound Bite Sunday: Tristan James Narrates KC Burns’ “Cover Up”

Title: Cover Up (Toronto Tales: Book Two)

Author: KC Burn

Narrator:: Tristan James

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Run Time: 8 Hours, 14 Minutes

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Blurb: The Sequel to Cop Out

Detective Ivan Bekker has hit rock bottom. Not only is he recovering from a bad breakup with a cheating boyfriend, he’s also involved in a drug bust gone bad. Ivan had to kill a man, and his friend was shot and is now fighting for his life. Though Ivan is under investigation for his part in the shooting, his boss sends him on an off-the-books undercover operation to close the case. The timing is critical – this could be their chance to plug a leak in the department. Continue reading

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Falling In Love Is Easy, Staying In Love Is The Challenge In K.C. Burn’s “Rainbow Blues”

“Out of the blue, I was thinking of you.” — K.C. Burn

Title: Rainbow Blues

Author: K.C. Burn

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Pages/Word Count: 204 Pages

Rating: 4 Stars

Blurb: Having come out late in life, forty-three-year-old Luke Jordan is at a loss about how to conduct himself as a gay man. As a construction manager, he’s not interested in being out at work, but he’d like to find a boyfriend or at least some gay friends. Two years after his wife got all their friends in the divorce, he’s no closer to the life he wants. Continue reading

Dreamspinner Press, K.C. Burn

“Pen Name – Dr. Chicken”, Your Real Life Is Calling

“In dreams begin responsibilities.” ― W.B. Yeats

Title: Pen Name – Dr. Chicken

Author: KC Burn

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Pages/Word Count: 200

Rating: 5 Stars

Blurb: Sometimes Stratford Dale feels like Doctor Chicken consumes his life. It’s his pen name for a series of wildly popular children’s books. They were his brainchild; he meant for them to be a way to pay his many bills while he pursued his dream of publishing graphic novels. But the Doctor Chicken contract was a raw deal. Instead, he churns out book after book for a pittance, leaving him broke and no closer to his dreams.
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Dreamspinner Press, K.C. Burn

You Definitely Won’t Want To “Cast Off” This Toronto Tale

“True best friends never fail on understanding, forgiving, and being there for one another no matter what the situation that they might be in or be having with one another because of the fact of that no matter if it’s two males or females love should always be there as if brothers or sisters if they’re what we call best friends.” ― Jonathan Anthony Burkett

I had read the first book in K.C. Burns’ Toronto Tales series, but hadn’t gotten to the second one before I read Cast Off. That worked out just fine. The series is probably best read in order since the characters from the first two books appear frequently in this one. However, K.C. Burn explains their roles in the story enough so that I didn’t feel like I was missing anything.
Continue reading

K.C. Burn, Small Gems

Small Gem – 9:05 by K.C. Burn

9:05 by K.C. Burn

Socially introverted accountant Scott Taylor’s world is stuck in a state of suspended animation–his coworkers, the falling snow, the clocks–all frozen, at 9:05, to be precise. As Scott continues to move through the motions of what should be the advancement of the days and weeks, eating, sleeping, and eventually daring to converse with the people he’d spent his workdays avoiding, he discovers a budding courage to interact with those whom he’d purposefully avoided before.

Devlin Moreau is the gorgeous man Scott had never been brave enough to make eye contact with, let alone say hello to, but as Devlin grows less intimidating in his silence, and Scott grows braver in his solitude, life and the world begin to change, even while it remains the same.

One of the things I loved most about this little gem is the fact that I never truly knew whether the story was indeed intended to be a sci-fi/fantasy, or whether the stop-motion state of Scott’s life was merely a metaphor for the isolation and loneliness that his shyness created. Either way, K.C. Burn wrote a story of hope and possibility that left me wanting more.