2.5 Stars, Dreamspinner Press, Genre Romance, Katherine Halle, Narration Rating - 4 Stars, Reviewed by Amy

Audio Review: Fixing the Hole by Katherine Halle – Narrated by Philip Alces

Title: Fixing the Hole

Author: Katherine Halle

Narrator: Philip Alces

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Run Time: 2 Hours and 7 Minutes

At a Glance: The best thing about this story was Phillip Alces.

Reviewed By: Amy

Blurb: Heavy rains and strong winds slammed an uprooted tree through Steve Crowell’s roof, leaving a gaping hole to match the one in his heart. After his ex left him for a younger man, Steve’s not sure he’s ready to handle another disaster. His best friend highly recommended the contractor, but the man’s already late, and when he shows up with his music thumping, Steve isn’t impressed—until Riley steps out of his pickup truck. Personable, gorgeous Riley talks a mile a minute, which Steve finds both ridiculously endearing and terrifying. Piecing together a heart isn’t as easy as fixing a roof, but Riley might just be the right man for the job.


Review:  I love a great short story. There is definitely an art to writing a short story and developing a depth of character in such a short period of time. What I found with this story was that I like the characters well enough; I liked the big differences between the two characters, Steve, the more white collar, and Riley, the more Blue collar. I just had no vested interest in whether they got together or not. Fixing the Hole was kind of forgettable.

Narration: The best thing about this Story was Philip Alces, but I have a love/hate relationship with his work. I think he is an amazing narrator. I just personally don’t care for his voice that much. I find that you can have a great book turn bad with off-narration, but, in this case, Alces did everything he could to keep me interested. He always has great definition between his characters, and does a great job with his emotion. He improved this book for me.





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