Doubleday, E. Lynn Harris, Kingett Reads

Kingett reads “Basketball Jones” Chapter 22

In chapter 22 of Basketball Jones: HUIGAYUFGAUYFATYFTYAFUYGAUYFYATFA! Intrigued? It’s time for Kingett to read Basketball Jones.

Alright, sit down. No, I’m serious, find a chair this minute and slowly sink into it because what I’m about to tell you is really epic, in a suspenseful anticipation kind of way.

Alright, have you sat down? Have you prepared yourself? Good, because I’m about to tell you something very, very important.

Shit just got real.

I know that I have said that in the past, shit was going to get real, but this is it. Chapter 22 is where shit gets real, and it gets real very fast… well, OK, kind of fast.

AJ starts this chapter off by going into his bank to get the sum he was asked to get in the last chapter. Nothing really exciting happens in this beginning part except for the notion that Cisco is now actively helping him out, yay! Cisco and AJ are working together, can this day get any better? Any better at all? Continue reading

5 Stars, Marshall Thornton, MLR Press, Mystery/Suspense/Action Thriller, Reviewed by Kim

All The Clues Add Up To A Great Mystery In Marshall Thornton’s “Boystown 6: From the Ashes”

Title: Boystown 6: From the Ashes

Author: Marshall Thornton

Publisher: MLR Press

Pages/Word Count: 194 Pages

Rating: 5 Stars

Blurb: The most unlikely person in the world asks Private Investigator Nick Nowak to investigate the oversuspicious death of a priest. It’s winter 1984, Private Investigator Nick Nowak has allowed his life to fall to pieces: he’s stopped taking cases, lost his apartment and works as a bartender at a sleazy bar tucked under the El. All he wants to do is lick his wounds after the death of his lover, Detective Bert Harker. But, when the least likely person in the world shows up and asks him to take a new case he finds himself investigating the very oversuspicious heart attack death of a priest. Nick is convinced he’s wasting his time until the clues begin to add up to. Continue reading