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Interview and Giveaway: The Guardian Angel Blog Tour with Liam Livings

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Today we’re pleased to welcome author Liam Livings on The Guardian Angel blog tour. Enjoy Liam’s interview, and then be sure to click on the Rafflecopter widget below to enter for the chance to win a $15 Gift Card from Amazon or ARe, plus 2 further prizes of an ebook from Liam’s catalogue. Competition closes 11th December – midnight GMT.

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What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Life a life you will remember.

Fear always comes along for the ride, and that’s fine – but that doesn’t mean you need to let it anywhere near the steering wheel.

Fear is a natural response. It’s what makes humans a successful species; if we didn’t fear things we’d have all been eaten by sabre tooth tigers. But it’s important not to be paralysed by fear. Fearing something means you care about it, means it’s new, a challenge, and those things are good for us. I particularly like the advice about the steering wheel; it’s good to bear in mind fear, to not do asinine, reckless things, but if you only ever stick with safe and known things nothing will change, you won’t stretch yourself. I imagine having fear in the back seat, making odd comments, noting pedestrians about to cross the road, but it’s me who’s steering the car and ultimately in charge.

Richard and Amy have known one another since university and are going through that classic not long out of university angst about work along the lines of, ‘I didn’t go to uni for three years and get in x thousand pounds of debt to do this’. It’s easy to stay with what they both know, but it takes guts to break out and make the change they both need and want.

What would a perfect day for you consist of?

Breakfast in bed, then a few hours of writing while Himself potters in the garden, then baking a cake or two in the kitchen, then a walk along the coast with Himself, reading by a pool, a light swim, followed by having friends round for a meal, lots of wine, laughs and gossip. And then, once the friends have either gone home, or exhausted their conversation, a film by the fire with a box of chocolates. Having just re-read that, I realise that would involve at least 3 different seasons because a seaside walk a fire and reading by a pool do not happen in the same day, but it’s a fantasy perfect day, so there!

Richard’s ideal day would probably involve morning sex with his boyfriend, some breakfast with Amy to catch up on their latest dramas, a bit of site-seeing with the boyfriend– a trip to a new city- a night in a hotel with more sex, a finally a little bit of work because once he’s found a job he enjoys he’s all in with it – much like he is with everything: friendships, relationships.

What’s the last album you bought?

It was probably something by Kylie, from her back catalogue. Enjoy Yourself, or Kylie probably. I went to a Kylie concert and, struck by how a-ma-zing she was, promptly bought all the albums she’d done I didn’t yet own. I’m like that with an artist.

I did the same with Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD) as I discovered them on an eighties electro pop album in the nineties (way before electro pop was cool again). I bought their greatest hits album and then, because, this is what I’m like, bought their whole back catalogue at the time, and then every subsequent new album they released.

Richard’s boss asks him his favourite album to check if he wants to offer him the job. OMD stands on that strange hinterland between popular and cool music, and Richard takes a chance with it. I suppose you could see it like a shortened version of psychometric testing, or something…


Liam LivingsBlurb: What happens when a man falls in love with his guardian angel?

Richard Sullivan is plagued by white feathers turning up at the oddest moments. Amy, his best friend, suggests his guardian angel is trying to contact him, but he dismisses the idea out of hand as nonsense.

Until, that is, he meets Sky. Six feet of muscle in a man skirt with white feather wings.

What exactly is a guardian angel? And what happens when your guardian angel takes leave and sends in a temp to cover? Do you wait for a perfect boyfriend on the off chance you may be able to touch him, to be with him, or do you grab happiness with another human? And, why the hell has Richard’s life suddenly become so complicated?

Buy Links: Love Lane Books


Excerpt: It all started on my way back from the wrong job. I’d just turned it down because I couldn’t stand to listen to that lot going on about sustainability this and putting bees on the roofs of houses that. I just wanted them all to fuck off. I didn’t need their job offer. I had a good feeling the law firm application would get me onto their graduate scheme. I knew it. I could feel it in my water.

The law firm sent me a letter thanking me for the application. And good luck with my other job searching.

Fuck it.

I returned to the office just west of Liverpool Street station to do my last week of temping—my last week temping there, after a long series of temping jobs, some of which had made me want to jump under the train some mornings, others I could just sail through with my brain in neutral. And now this one. Well, this one was fine.

It had been fine. At first I thought it was quite interesting to try to do what New York City had done with its unloved, unknown areas, and name them. Like their SoHo was the area south of Houston Street. TriBeCa was the Triangle Below Canal Street. All this was interesting and news to me when I’d started at the Between Town Partnership. They were trying to make the area between the City of London, Liverpool Street, and the West End, happen. At the moment it was a sort of nowhere between the proper shopping of the West End and the financial district—a sort of no man’s land. No one had reason to go there specifically, unless they worked there, as I had for a variable three months.

I turned on my PC, went to the kitchen to make myself an instant coffee, but not Nescafé because they were doing something nasty about bottle-feeding in Third World countries. I had listened at the time, a bit, but had just internally rolled my eyes. No, this was all free-range, organic, preloved coffee. Shame it still tasted of shit, though.

I sat at my PC and noticed a white feather next to the mouse. I picked it up, looked at it closely, noticing it was pretty perfect as far as feathers went, and then threw it in the bin.

The morning passed without incident: spreadsheets about the CO2 output of various buildings, some brainstorming for this new area, and another offer of an extension to my contract.

“I’ll think about it, thanks,” I said, folding the offer letter into my bag and leaving for lunch.

I sat on a bench in a little park. The grass was covered in office workers, each eating their lunch and grabbing some air and sun for a moment in their day. I pulled out the offer letter from my bag, and another perfect white feather fell into my lap. This one was a bit larger—as big as my index finger—and still perfectly white, still not bent or dirty. I folded it back with the offer letter, then rang Amy at work. She’d know what to do.

“Good morning, The Music and Video Shop, how can I help you?”

“It’s me. How’s your morning?”

She swapped her phone voice for her proper, slightly Welsh accent. “Busy as it goes. I can’t believe people still actually come into a shop to buy this stuff.”

“Just be thankful they’re trying to close down Pirate Cove. And there’s plenty of people who don’t know how to use it anyway, playing it safe, buying DVDs and CDs from you lot.” I paused, thinking about my morning, my situation, and the feathers; she’d want to hear about those. “So, white feathers, what do they mean?”


Author BioAbout the Author: Liam Livings lives where east London ends and becomes Essex. He shares his house with his boyfriend and cat. He enjoys baking, cooking, classic cars and socialising with friends. He escapes from real life with a guilty pleasure book, cries at a sad, funny and camp film – and he’s been known to watch an awful lot of Gilmore Girls in the name of writing ‘research’.

He has written since he was a teenager, started writing with the hope of publication in 2011. His writing focuses on friendships, British humour, romance with plenty of sparkle.

 You can connect with Liam

Twitter @LiamLivings || Facebook || Blog || Website


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A Sneak Peek At The Coming Week

Here’s a Sneak Peek at the Coming Week

Sneak Peek

Hi, fellow fiction fans, welcome back for a look at what we have coming in the week ahead. Many of us here in the US will be celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday with friends and family this week, and I have to say that I couldn’t be more thankful for this community, the books, and the opportunity to share it all with friends and fellow readers.

Thanks so much for stopping in. Here’s a peek at what awaits!


Monday – Authors Leta Blake and Alice Griffiths kick off a busy holiday week here at TNA, on the tour for the third installment in their Wake Up Married serial, Will and Patrick Do the Holidays

We’ll also welcome another duo of dynamic authors, Piper Vaughn and Kenzie Cade, on the tour for their newest collaboration Prickly By Nature

Tuesday – Author RJ Scott returns today, making us a stop on the tour for her new release, Accidental Hero, book eight in the Sanctuary series

We’re also pleased to have author Rodion Rebenyar stopping by today to introduce himself and tell us a bit about his books

Wednesday – Today we have author Sue Brown on the tour for her new book The Rogue Wolf

Thursday – While Thanksgiving is being celebrated here in the US today, we’ll be thankful to have Cardeno C. visiting with us on the tours for her books Jesse’s Diner and the Home Collection. I’m pretty sure there’ll be giveaways too ;-)

Friday – Author Liam Livings begins our day on the tour for his new novel The Guardian Angel

We’ll also be featuring another giveaway from Cardeno C. today on the Family Series book blast tour

SaturdayA.T. Weaver joins us for a visit today, on the tour for her new book Old Spark

Sunday – And closing out a busy week, we welcome author Elizabeth Wilde on the Defiant Loyalties blog tour


And that does it for this week. Until next time, happy reading!

3.5 Stars, Liam Livings, Literary Fiction, Manifold Press, Reviewed by Sadonna

Review: Escaping from Him by Liam Livings

Title: Escaping from Him

Author: Liam Livings

Publisher: Manifold Press

Pages/Word Count: 148 Pages

At a Glance: A story of liberation and transformation that had me cheering on Ford and his family of choice.

Reviewed By: Sadonna

Blurb: Darryl’s on the run – from controlling boyfriend Chris, an air-conditioner called Dave (deceased), an intolerable, claustrophobic situation and a person he just can’t be any more. The trouble is, he doesn’t have a plan – or any money – and all he knows is he needs to get away from everything. That’s where a lucky lift to Glasgow comes in, which turns out to be just the beginning of a whole new life …


Review: This is a pretty new to me author, as I’ve only read one short story of his in an anthology prior to this book. I enjoyed that story so thought I’d give this longer volume a try.

Darryl has been living with Chris, a much older boyfriend, in London. Chris found Darryl when he was quite young and slightly desperately in need of some love. He’d grown up in foster care, and met Chris at age sixteen. When Chris asked Darryl to move in, he figured he’d hit the jackpot. But after four years of increasingly controlling behavior from Chris, Darryl is about to crack. Finally, he can’t take it anymore, after one more suggestion from Chris that he shouldn’t waste his time with art but should instead get a job a KFC. Darryl has had enough, and he goes a little bit crazy before he finally takes off.

As luck would have it, he manages to get a ride to Glasgow with Douggie, a truck driver on his way home. Douggie seems a genuine sort, and keeps Ford (as Darryl has now decided to call himself so that Chris can’t find him) entertained on the trip. Once in Glasgow, a serendipitous encounter with Douggie’s wife leads to a potential job as a photographer’s assistant, which is exactly what Ford has been looking for. It turns out that Ewan is a good guy and a good boss.

Finally Ford, with the encouragement of Lena, the one friend from London he is in touch with, decides he can’t stand one more Saturday night in his rented room alone. He goes out to a club and meets Charlie. Charlie is older and he would like to be with Ford, but Ford’s having none of it. He’s taking a break from relationships, or anything else. Charlie seems to accept that and introduces Ford to his band of friends. They are quite the eclectic crew – a drag queen, a florist and his boyfriend (both called Gavin), and other assorted hangers on. They become Ford’s Glasgow family.

Eventually, Ford meets Callum, an aspiring actor, when he comes into the photography studio for some new headshots. They begin dating and things get pretty serious. Neither is making a lot of money, but they are getting by, and their lives are going well on the jobs front. Lena comes to visit from London, and she’s satisfied that Ford is doing okay. There are some tense moments with Charlie, who isn’t necessarily happy to give up on Ford. Lena also gets tired of travelling to Glasgow, but Ford is unwilling to go back to London.

I don’t what to spoil the rest of the story, but eventually Ford has to face going to London, and possibly face his past as well. Callum and Lena are wonderfully supportive friends. The Glasgow family has Ford’s back as well, and it seems that Ford has finally come into this own.

I enjoyed this story quite a bit – from Ford’s meltdown, to his naïve rushing off to Glasgow, to his finally standing up for himself with Charlie. He really learns a lot about life and himself in the course of this story. He learns what love really means and what it doesn’t. I liked that he figures out that self-reliance and taking control of his own destiny still leaves room for someone else in his life, even if it isn’t always easy. Yes, things work out surprisingly easy for him, in that he lands pretty softly in Glasgow after a very shaky start, but some people are just lucky ;) I liked Ford’s voice in this story and look forward to reading more from this author.

You can buy Escaping from Him here:

All Romance eBooks

All Romance eBooks

3.5 Stars, Genre Romance, Liam Livings, Love Lane Books, Reviewed by Lynn

Review: And Then That Happened by Liam Livings

Title: And Then That Happened

Author: Liam Livings

Publisher: Love Lane Books

Pages/Word Count: 273 Pages

At a Glance: This was my first time reading Liam Livings. I didn’t know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised by this story.

Blurb: Should you settle for a nearly perfect happiness or put your heart on the line for more?

It’s 1999 and 28-year-old Dominic’s carefully planned suburban life with his boyfriend Luke is perfect. His job as a nurse, his best friend Matt, his relationship with his parents, everything is just right. He and Luke have been together ten years, seen each other through friends’ deaths and their parents’ ups and downs, and even had a commitment ceremony.

Gabe isn’t happy with his boyfriend, but he stays with him, because, well it’s complicated.

Fate throws Gabe into Dominic’s life. And then that happened. Gabe’s open relationship, impulsive nature, enthusiasm for life and straight talking advice are fascinating to Dominic. They’re friends, they click over a shared love of Goldie Hawn and Gabe shows Dominic there can be more to life than planned and safe. So why can’t he take his own advice?

And Then That Happened is about finding a new kind of happiness, even when what you have is already perfect. And how sometimes perfect isn’t quite what it seems.


Review: This was my first time reading Liam Livings. I didn’t know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised by this story. I will first start off by saying this book is definitely not the typical read we see in this genre. It took me a while to really get into it. About halfway through, it picked up enough to keep me interested in what was going to happen and see it through to the end.

Have you ever been in a long relationship? A relationship that is going smoothly and everything is just fine? That is, until you meet a person who makes you question everything about your world. Dominic and his partner Luke have been together for ten years. They’ve been married for six of those years. They own a house and a dog, are content with each other, they have a routine that works for them and everything seems to be perfect, until Dominic meets Gabe.

The entire story is told through Dominic’s POV, so we aren’t privy to the feelings and thoughts of the other characters. Usually, getting one person’s POV doesn’t bother me, but I would’ve loved getting Luke’s perspective. While Dominic is running around with Gabe, going to dinners, meeting up for drinks, attending concerts, even meeting Gabe’s family, I kept wondering, “where’s Luke in all this?” Nothing pointed to Luke being a bad person, and I felt bad for the guy. I found I was putting myself in his shoes and thinking about how I would feel if my husband was going out, “dating”. Because let’s be honest here, this is what was happening.

I wasn’t too fond of the clunky flashbacks into Dominic’s childhood. I get the point the author was trying to make with them and understand why he included them, it just didn’t flow well for me at all. I’m a huge fan of flashbacks, but here they were very abrupt and discombobulated.

As for Gabe and Dominic, it was a platonic friendship. Physical cheating, no. Emotional cheating, most definitely. Now, I’m not for cheating of any kind, and now that I’ve had a few weeks to think about this book, emotional cheating is just as bad. As soon as I came to terms to what was really happening in this story, I was sad. To find out this character who should’ve been happy to have an apparently loving husband, a home, a good job, etc., really wasn’t happy at all, it was just saddening to me. While I would have done everything so differently if I was in Dominic’s shoes, it was interesting to go along with him as he struggled with what he should do about his lot in life.

As I read a story I usually take it for what the author intended. I appreciated this story even though I wasn’t really liking what the characters were doing. I think this tells the story of a lot of people in the world. Being in a marriage because it’s comfortable, thinking this is it until something or someone happens in your life. It’s got to be a bitter pill to swallow. For me this was Dominic. The journey he must take to come to the realization that he may want something different in life is a story for everyone. I think the author does Dominic’s story a great justice, even though I didn’t agree with every decision he made.

I’m not giving anything away by saying that this story does have a happy ending, in its own happy ending way. Do Gabe and Dominic end up together? Will Dominic find the spark that’s missing from his marriage with Luke? You’ll just have to read it and find out.

You can buy And Then That Happened here:

All Romance eBooks

All Romance eBooks

Giveaways, Liam Livings, Manifold Press

Guest Post and Giveaway: Escaping From Him by Liam Livings

Liam Livings

The Novel Approach welcomes author Liam Livings today on the Escaping From Him blog tour. Enjoy the guest post, then be sure to leave a comment below to this question – How do you feel about camp? – for a chance to win an e-copy of this or any one of Liam’s backlist titles, reader’s choice.



What inspired this book?

During the start of 2014 I discovered a song called I Love It by Icona Pop, which had been quite high in the charts over the previous months. It’s a sort of synth pop song with quite anthemic chanty lyrics, exactly the sort of song I usually love. And love it I did. In fact, I became slightly obsessed with it, watching the mesmerising video again and again.

The lyrics really got into my head and at the line, I threw your sh*t into a bag and pushed it down the stairs, I had a vision of a man doing exactly that to his boyfriend’s things and that was the starting point of the germ of an idea for the story.

I got this feeling on a summer’s day when you were gone. This gave me the idea for when to start the story, when Darryl would realise, from a small thing Chris had done he noticed in the hot flat, and he realised he couldn’t continue to be in that situation any longer.

One of the verses in the song gave me the contrast between Darryl and Chris: You’re on a different road, I’m in the Milky Way / you want me down on earth, but I am up in space. This was how differently they viewed their jobs. How Darryl is a dreamer, and Chris is very much into practicalities of things.

You’re so damn hard to please, we gotta kill this switch. This was about Chris’s controlling ways, and how everything in the flat had to be just so, or else.

You’re from the seventies, but I’m a nineties b**ch. Darryl is much younger than Chris, which again played into the dynamics of the relationship, and Darryl’s expectations at the start, and Chris’s behaviour.


Q: Can you tell us about different genres you like to write in, does this book fit into one, or are you branching out?

So far I’ve written gay fiction with romance, with the Best Friends Perfect series, gay romance with my other stories, including And Then That Happened and Christmas Serendipity. They have all been contemporary stories so far. I try to write what I believe is an authentic version of gay men’s lives, based on what I’ve experienced, and what I’ve seen my friends experience. I also tend to stick to the lives of ordinary gay men, with normal jobs in hospitals, offices, shops, hairdressers etc. I believe in the beauty and interest in the every day. The simple pleasures in life are just as important as the big grand events too.

I like to use humour in my stories. Is comedy and camp a genre? I hadn’t noticed I did this until I read some reviews of my stories commenting on the sense of humour. I think it’s because my general default about how to cope with anything in life is humour. I tend to make a joke of things, when others dare to go there. I’ve also noticed with a bit of humour, and a touch of camp, I can get away with pretty much anything. I think somehow gay men are a bit ashamed of camp, like it’s *too gay* like now to be a good gay man you’ve got to be all ‘straight acting’ which is one of the most homophobic phrases I’ve heard. Be gay however you want, camp or not, but don’t be ashamed of however you are gay, and don’t judge others for being gay in their way. I didn’t get a choice, camp came to me, so that’s how I am and that’s evidently how I write, so be it.

Escaping From Him is contemporary gay romance, as the romance between Darryl and the other man is key to the story, but I’ve tried to twist it a bit, and included the unhappy starting point, when he’s with Chris. I wanted to show the contrast between what he’s coming from to what he ends up with. I’m not spoiling anything here by saying it has a happy ever after. But there’s some humour there too, and a good dose of camp throughout.

I may venture into science fiction / fantasy as I dreamed about a story which is set in the near future, in a slightly different reality from the one we live in now. This may well be my first science fiction story. Obviously it has a romance at its heart, I love a romance, I really do, but the backdrop will be more unusual than some of my other stories.


escapingBlurb: Darryl’s on the run – from controlling boyfriend Chris, an air-conditioner called Dave (deceased), an intolerable, claustrophobic situation and a person he just can’t be any more. The trouble is, he doesn’t have a plan – or any money – and all he knows is he needs to get away from everything. That’s where a lucky lift to Glasgow comes in, which turns out to be just the beginning of a whole new life …

Buy Links: Manifold Press | Amazon US | Amazon UK | All Romance eBooks | Smashwords


Excerpt: Darryl goes to a cabaret club in Scotland

It was like the Eurovision Song Contest for drag queens. They came from all countries and in all colours, shapes, sizes and costumes. Some looked like a big butch builder had put on a dress, heels and wig. Others looked exactly like a woman, until I noticed the Adam’s apple, strategically covered by a neckerchief. Some came on and sang, others lip synched – there was a nice mix of modern pop music, Lily Allen, Lady Gaga, some classics, Abba of course, Donna Summer and an awful lot of Mariah Carey. An awful lot. Much more than I’d have expected. Some did stand up, acid-tongued quips about modern life, as a gay person, or just in general, about living in the UK. Others entertained us by telling their life stories, suitably tragic and dark, which left the audience with only one option: to laugh along. I kept expecting it to end, but on came the next drag queen, a little bit different from the last one.


You can connect with and find out more about Liam Livings at the following social media sites:

Website | Facebook | Twitter – @LiamLivings

A Sneak Peek At The Coming Week, J.A. Rock, J.E. Birk, Jess Buffet, Keira Andrews, Liam Livings, Lisa Henry, Rhys Ford, RJ Scott, Sue Brown, Z. Allora, Z.A. Maxfield

Here’s A Sneak Peek At The Coming Week

Sneak PeekHappy Sunday, everyone, and many thanks for stopping by to see what we have in store for you in the coming week. We’re starting off February in a great way, with more guest authors, great posts, outstanding giveaways, and, of course, more reviews to share with all of you.

Now here’s a look at what’s up in the week ahead.


MondaySue Brown is first up, helping us kick off the week on the The Next Call blog tour

Liam Livings is also helping us start the week off right on the Escaping from Him blog tour

TuesdayRhys Ford’s Black Dog Blues blog tour makes us a stop today, and I hear there be dragons

WednesdayKeira Andrews joins us today on the A Clean Break blog tour

J.E. Birk is also with us to do a little release day celebrating of the new Dreamspinner Press novella Depending on You

Thursday RJ Scott drops in today for a visit on The Bucket List blog tour

Z. Allora also joins us today with a guest post and giveaway on the Transgender Romance blog tour

FridayJess Buffet makes TNA a stop on the Always Been You blog tour

The writing team of Lisa Henry and J.A. Rock also stop by on their Merchant of Death blog tour

Saturday – And finally, Z.A. Maxfield closes out the week on the Deep Desire blog tour


That does it for this week, folks. Until next Sunday, happy reading!

Liam Livings, Love Lane Books

Blog Tour and Giveaway: And Then That Happened by Liam Livings


What are the main themes in And Then That Happened?

Romance – being with the right, and the wrong person, and how sometimes you don’t know which is which until you get a glimpse of the other side of the coin.

What it’s like to be with someone you’ve fallen out of love with.

How a new person in your life can help you discover a whole new side to yourself. How in Muriel’s Wedding, Rhonda makes Muriel change how she views her whole life. Continue reading

Liam Livings, Wilde City Press

Welcome Liam Livings On The “Best Friends Perfect” Blog Tour

WildeCityPress_logoTNA: Hi, Liam, thanks so much for being here with us today. Why don’t we start off by having you tell us a little bit about yourself: hobbies, interests, things we don’t know about you that you’d like to share with readers?

Liam: I am into cars; I have a subscription to a weekly car magazine and I go to the classic car shows. I’m a member of the Mazda MX 5 Owners Club and the Gay Classic Car Group (GCCG) – a club for gay people who like classic cars. I like to buck the trend for gay guys in this way. I went to the GCCG stand at a big classic car show and they said people were walking onto the stand, then reading the banner with the club’s name, then asking questions like, ‘Is it the cars that are gay?’ or just leaving the stand *head desk*. I love cooking, baking and spending time with friends. I love cats and give a monthly donation to the local cat sanctuary where we adopted our cats from. I also like the normal things people always say are their hobbies: films, music, watching good absorbing TV dramas. I’ve managed to wean myself off I’m A Celebrity Dancing On Ice Get Me Out Of Here Britain Has Talent shows. I would much rather watch The Good Wife, Nashville, Breaking Bad, or on my own – the BF doesn’t come to Stars Hollow with me – a bit of Gilmore girls.
Continue reading

A.J. Corza, Abigail Roux, Angel Martinez, Brad Vance, Cover Reveal, Daisy Harris, David Pratt, GayRomLit, GotYouCovrd, J.G. Morgan, J.P. Barnaby, John Goode, K.C. Wells, Liam Livings, Sneak Peek

Here’s A Sneak Peek At The Coming Week

Hi, everyone, I hope you’ve all had a great week. In case you missed it, we’ve added another member to the TNA review team, and couldn’t be happier to have Jordan joining our group.

We’ve got another fun-filled week in store for you, more GRL countdown celebrating, more blog tours to host, and more goodies to giveaway, so have a look at what’s coming up in the week ahead.

MondayK.C. Wells kicks off the week on her Dance With Domination Blog Tour and giveaway

TuesdayDaisy Harris is our guest today, and she’s going to do a little Countdown to GRL celebrating with a cheerful look at pantsing, and she’ll also be offering some giveaway goodies

Wednesday – We’ll kick the day off with JP Barnaby and the cover reveal for her upcoming book A Heart for Robbie

Liam Livings also stops in today on his Best Friends Perfect Blog Tour

Abigail Roux offers a deleted scene for her latest Sidewinder novel Cross & Crown

And finally, AJ Corza has today covered with another cover review

ThursdayAngel Martinez is our guest today on the Finn: Endangered Fae Blog Tour

FridayBrad Vance is our guest on the Apollo’s Curse Blog Tour

SaturdayDavid Pratt is our guest on the Looking After Joey Blog Tour

SundayJohn Goode and J.G. Morgan are here to round out the week with an interview about the upcoming third novel in the Arcadia series, The Unseen Tempest

And that rounds out the week ahead. Until next week, happy reading!

JMS Books LLC, Liam Livings

Liam Livings Finds A Little “Christmas Serendipity” This Holiday Season

“Of course, that’s how life is. A turn of events may seem very small at the time it’s happening, but you never really know, do you? How can you?” ― Tom Xavier

Blurb: In a snowy small town in England just before Christmas, handyman Christian thinks the world has ended — his parents are still getting used to his being gay and have disinvited him to their Christmas. Former waiter David has just been fired and is still getting used to the fact that his useless, cheating, money-grabbing, waste-of-space boyfriend has just dumped him. Their mutual friend Cathy steps in and invites the two strangers to a non-family Christmas at the flat she shares with Tony.

With Cathy’s organizational skills and enthusiasm, these four spend Christmas together, making the best of it and getting to know each other. A spark of attraction clearly brings David and Christian closer, and spending the festive season together may be just what these two refugees need to calm their troubled souls.

But the past still haunts them both and threatens to be their undoing. Is love enough to overcome the burdens they bear? Can they find a happy Christmas together after all?
Continue reading

JMS Books LLC, Liam Livings

Liam Livings Is Here Today To Offer A Little “Christmas Serendipity”, And A Giveaway

LL: Thanks to Lisa for having me here, my first time at The Novel Approach.

TNA: Thanks for being with us today, Liam. It’s lovely to have you here to tell us a bit about your new holiday romance Christmas Serendipity and to answer a few questions about the book.

TNA: How did you came up with the idea for the story?

LL: I watched the opening scene unfold before my eyes during summer 2013. We were on holiday in Cornwall, having a drink in the outside area of a pub, and I watched two women frantically drinking sangria before one of them started her shift in the pub. Later the woman who had started the shift returned to her friend to pass her cashpoint card and her PIN. Shortly afterwards the same woman returned, announcing she’d been sacked. I remember thinking, that’s an interesting place to start a story.

TNA: Do you think this story would have worked as well in any other setting besides the holidays?

LL: I’m not sure it would have done. Having the character spend 23 December to Boxing Day together probably wouldn’t have happened at another time of the year without them all going on holiday together. Which as it’s quite last minute, would have been unlikely. I think the Christmas element gave the opportunity to include buying gifts for one another, and that can show how thoughtful, or otherwise, the characters are about each other’s gifts.

TNA: Which, if any, of the characters was most difficult to write?

LL: Christian was the hardest to write, as he’s quite shy and doesn’t talk much. That’s nothing like me. However, I have met people who’ve been thrown out of their parents’ home after coming out, so I used that to flesh out his emotions.

TNA: If you were choose, what would you say is your favorite scene in the book?

LL: I like the scene when David & Christian are getting to know one another, talking about Christian’s love of Madonna and their shared interest in music concerts. I like that awkward tentative first steps of getting to know someone, when you want to tell them all about yourself, but you don’t want to tell them everything, and scare them off. Christian’s enthusiasm catches himself, and he feels he’s over-shared, but David finds it adorable.


About Liam Livings

Three things about him – there are five more on the website, one is a lie.

1) He lives, with his partner and cats, where east London ends and becomes nine-carat-gold-highlights-and-fake-tan-west-Essex.

2) He was born in Hampshire with two club feet (look it up, it’s not nice) and problem ears, needing grommets: this meant he was in plaster from toe to groin until he was two, and had to swim with a cap and olive oil soaked lamb’s wool over his ears – olive oil bought from a health food shop, before it was sold by supermarkets.

3) He started writing when he was 14: sat in French lessons during a French exchange trip, for want of anything better to do, he wrote pen portraits about his French exchange’s teachers. He wrote for his school’s creative writing magazine and still writes a diary every day.

How to get in touch with Liam Livings:





Blurb: Christmas Serendipity

Just before the Christmas holiday, in a snowy small town in England, refugees of Christmas bad luck, handyman, plumber Christian and office worker David find themselves thrown together at miss Organiser, Cathy’s non-family Christmas.

Christian thinks the world has ended as his parents get used to him being gay, and disinvite him to their Christmas. David has just been fired from his waiting job, and is still getting used to the fact that he has dumped him. Although David’s ex was a useless cheating, money grabbing waste of space, he was at least, David’s useless, cheating, money grabbing waste of space. And now David doesn’t even have that. He’s not in the mood for a night out with his best friend, camp Tony, just before Christmas. Instead they retire to Cathy and Tony’s place, to find a quiet Christian.

With Cathy’s organizational skills and enthusiasm, these four spend a non-family Christmas together, making the best of it. Together they drink, eat and play their way through Christmas, surprising each other at how it turns out, and how well they all get to know one another during the short break.
Refugees of serendipity and luck, David and Christian realize that spending the holiday season together may be just what they both needed, when they both needed it. They find that apart from both just escaping from awful relationships, they also have much more in common.


We talked late into the night, moving onto Cathy’s special Christmas spirits. “Only to be drunk at this time of year,” she explained. She appeared with a tray of snowballs—yellow advocaat and lemonade, foaming with a little red cherry perched on top of each one. “This’ll send us to sleep,” she advised.

We took it in turns to throw more wood onto the fire, until we ran out. Cathy announced she was going to bed. She’d made up the spare room for Christian, and she pointed to the sofa in the corner for me.

I looked at her, feeling slightly light-headed from the alcohol, and started to ask if she’d show me how to make it up. Before I could say anything more, somehow she’d managed with just one hand, to turn it into a bed and cover it with perfect duvet and pillows.

“Thanks, Cathy. Night.” I stood up, a little unsteadily.

She kissed my cheek. “Night boys.” And she made her way up the stairs.

Tony followed, waving goodnight to us both.

And then there were two. I’ll admit I did consider, for a brief moment, just following Christian to his room. But I decided he wasn’t that sort of boy, and really, neither was I. So instead, I opted for an awkward goodnight hug/kiss, standing over the remains of the Indian takeaway in the middle of the floor. The gentle glow from the fire and a few candles around the room gave the only light. He kissed my cheek and I his, before lingering for a moment too long on his neck, holding the hug as long as I could manage without seeming creepy. I felt his breath on my neck and I felt myself responding in my boxer shorts. We both pulled back and stared into each other’s eyes, his warm breath mixing with mine as I breathed in and out. He smiled. I stared into his deep blue eyes and kissed him again, this time with our tongues exploring each other’s mouths. He gently bit my bottom lip and a jolt went to my groin. I felt his hand on my bum, trying to pull me towards him, despite our legs being a few feet apart, separated by the takeaway. We fell onto the sofa, his small frame landing gently on my muscly chest. He sat astride me, leaning down and continuing to kiss me. His hands caressed my pectoral muscles under my T-shirt, tweaking my nipples, harder and harder.

Maybe he was that sort of boy, and maybe I was too.


Christmas Serendipity will be published by JMS on 8 December.

JMS Books



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