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Guest Post and Giveaway: The Un-Deniable Blog Tour with Lisa Worrall

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The Novel Approach welcomes author Lisa Worrall on the Un-Deniable blog tour, book three in the Left at the Crossroads series. Enjoy Lisa’s guest post, then be sure to click on the Rafflecopter Widget below to enter for the chance to win a $10 Amazon Gift Card.

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Hiya! Thank you for having me and welcome to Little Mowbury :)

I thought I’d take you on a little tour of the village today so you can get a feel for the place. It won’t take long and we can stop off at the Thatcher’s and get a drink on the way back…

The High Street is basically what it sounds like, the main street that runs through the centre of the village. The post office-cum-corner shop is run by Doris Abernathy. She might be in her sixties, but she’s definitely Queen Bee, in her own mind anyway. Jenny Lewis might have something to say about that. She and Doris have had a personal feud for thirty years, not that either of them can remember what they’re feuding about and appear to get along quite well when the mood takes them.

Keep going down the High Street and you’ll get to the village surgery where Malcolm Winslow has been GP since God was a boy. But, after much nagging and possibly threats of physical damage from his wife, Violet, he’s hanging up his spurs, which is where one of the main character’s of Un-Deniable steps in. Oliver Bradford has been working in a London hospital for years and, after a difficult break-up, is urged by his sister to apply for the vacancy in Little Mowbury. Little does he know that moving to the village is going to change his life forever—in more ways than he could have ever imagined.

On we go past the lovely little cottages and tiny lanes that branch off the High Street and, at the end of the High Street we find the village green, with the pub on one side and the church on the other. The annual cricket match is held on the green and the entire village is either watching or playing. Little Mowbury hasn’t won in almost thirty years, but they live in hope.

The Thatcher’s Arms is the heart and soul of the village. Owned by Colin and Maggie Mason, you can expect a cold pint and a warm welcome, but woe be tide you if you get on the wrong side of Maggie. She has a caustic tongue and doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Jason Havers is one of the chefs and has been cooking up a storm since he moved in a while back.

The surrounding farms are on the outskirts of the village, one of which is Wells Farm, which belongs to the other main character in Un-Deniable, Deano Wells. The farm has been in his family for three generations and he’s never been further out of Little Mowbury than the nearest town. Every Thursday you’ll find him in the Thatcher’s Arms having liver and bacon for his lunch. It’s a family tradition started by his father when Deano was just ten years old and he didn’t see the need to change it after his father passed on. Deano is the strong silent type and never expected the new GP to come crashing into the village like he did, turning Deano’s world upside down and making him feel things he hadn’t felt in a very long time. He tries to ignore the good doctor but, Oliver Bradford doesn’t seem to take no for an answer.

I hope you enjoyed our little traipse through the village and that little peek behind the twitching curtains. Anyway, come on, let’s get that pint I promised you. We could probably even get Jason to rustle us something delicious for lunch. He’s been dying to try his seafood linguine out on somebody, so brace yourself.


Un-Deniable jpgBlurb: Little Mowbury is a sleepy English village deep in the Cotswolds. The kind of village where you’re only a local if your lineage can be traced back to the dinosaurs. Where you can find everything in the single village shop from morning newspapers to dry-cleaning, and getting your shoes mended. And, of course, where everybody knows everybody else’s business. It’s easy to find… you can’t miss it… just ask anyone and they’ll tell you… “It’s left at the crossroads.”

Oliver Bradford has had enough of the hustle and bustle of the A&E department in a big city hospital. Not to mention the tension caused by the break-up of his three year relationship with one of the hospital’s top surgeons. When his sister urges him to apply for the position of GP in the quiet village of Little Mowbury, he wonders if this might be just the fresh start he needs. Unfortunately, hitting the post-mistresses’ dog with his car isn’t the best introduction to his patients.

A solitary soul, Deano Wells grew up in Little Mowbury and has been having lunch at the Thatcher’s Arms on a Thursday for the last thirty-five years. First with his father, who brought him to the pub at the tender age of ten after a hard morning in the fields, and then by himself after his father passed on. He runs the farm with a practised hand and minds his business mostly, but that doesn’t stop Oliver from being drawn to the big, quiet man and he knows the feeling is mutual, so why does Deano keep pushing him away?

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Lisa WorrallAbout the Author: I live in Southend-on-Sea, a small seaside town just outside London on the South East coast of Essex, England that boasts the longest pier in the world; where I am ordered around by two precocious children and a dog who thinks she’s the boss of me. I’ve been writing seriously for three years now and love giving voice to the characters warring to be heard in my head, and am currently petitioning for more hours in the day, because I never seem to have enough of them.

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A Sneak Peek At The Coming Week

Here’s a Sneak Peek at the Coming Week

Love Wins

Friday, June 26th, was a landmark day here in the US, a victory for what should simply be an inalienable human right rather than a legal judgment, the right to love and equality, but a victory nonetheless, and though I’m certain the opposition will still have plenty to bemoan and bewail about as we move forward, for now, we at TNA celebrate this single victory with our friends and family in the LGBT community.


And now, here’s what we have coming up for you in the week ahead.


MondayLane Hayes kicks off the week for us this week on The Right Time blog tour

Tuesday – Author JK Hogan joins us today on her Shadows Fall tour

We’ll also be hosting the second of our GayRomLit Featured Authors when J.A. Rock stops in for a visit

Wednesday – We kick off the month of July with author JL Merrow on her Played! Tour

Author AJ Truman also stops in today on the Behind Closed Doors blog tour

Thursday – We welcome author CC Dado today on what could only be the Imposter in Zebra-striped Briefs blog tour

Friday – First up this morning, we’ll have a cover reveal of book five in Charlie Cochet’s THIRDS series, Against the Grain

We’ll also have author Lisa Worrall stopping in on the Un-deniable blog tour

Saturday – Finally, closing out the week, we’ll be hosting the launch celebration for LoveLight Press, a new publisher of LGBT fiction.


And that does it for this week. Until next time, happy reading!

4 Stars, Genre Romance, Lisa Worrall, Reviewed by Angel, White Stiletto Press

Review: Follow My Lead by Lisa Worrall

Title: Follow My Lead

Author: Lisa Worrall

Publisher: White Stiletto Press

Pages/Word Count: 75

At a Glance: A sweet, short story that is complete but leaves you wanting more.

Blurb: Hell hath no fury like a boyfriend scorned as sitcom star and comedian, CJ Edwards, finds out when his ex releases a sex tape he hadn’t even known was being filmed. Not to mention the headlines on every newsstand accusing CJ of being an abusive alcoholic. His career in tatters, CJ’s agent manages to get CJ a spot on the Christmas special of Dancing with Stars in Your Eyes. Seeing it as a chance to possibly redeem himself, CJ accepts.

Lucien Moreau has been a dance professional on Dancing with Stars in Your Eyes for three years, and he loves it. Until the powers that be decide, in view of new marriage equality laws, the show’s Christmas special will include a gay couple. Finding out he is being partnered with CJ Edwards hits him like a fist to the gut. Six months ago his brother and sister-in-law were killed in an accident when their car was hit by a drunk driver. How the hell is he supposed to teach a man, not unlike the one who destroyed his family, to dance?


Review: Lisa Worrall is a new author to me, and I will definitely seek out more works by her. I really enjoyed this sweet short story. It has a bit of everything for everyone, in my opinion: angst, sweetness, a nasty ex and a cute kid all rolled up into a sexy romance between the MCs. Despite the shortness, the story is complete, and it is just one of those happily ever afters that makes you feel good.

I wish there had been more of CJ and Lucien’s time together, them practicing dancing and them getting to know one another better, both of which are shown but it is still something I would have liked to have seen more of. Especially CJ teasing Lucien.

Two side characters who just captured my heart as much as CJ and Lucien were Raymond, CJ’s chauffeur, and Lucien’s niece Melody. CJ and Melody connected almost immediately through the shared tragedy of losing their parents, and I loved the bit of realism shown that grief isn’t something that goes away immediately. CJ and Melody’s talk connects with the fact that kids will talk to almost anyone besides their parents when something is troubling them.

The story moves quickly, as does the romance. I would love to see more of these two in about five years, if the author ever decides to expand or return to this verse.


You can purchase Follow My Lead here:

All Romance eBooks

All Romance eBooks

5 Stars, Dreamspinner Press, Holiday Romance, Lisa Worrall, Reviewed by Jules

Review: Mr. Popsalos by Lisa Worrall

Title: Mr. Popsalos

Author: Lisa Worrall

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Pages/Word Count: 116 Pages

At a Glance: Don’t wait until the holidays come around again! Pick this one up now.

Blurb: Advertising executive and single parent Luke Fisher has grown painfully aware he becomes less dateable the minute he reveals he has a son. Not entertaining any hope of finding love is difficult, but after six years of failed romances, he’s resolved it doesn’t matter. He has all he needs in life: beautiful son, great job, supportive family.

Until two weeks before Christmas, he believed he needed nothing and no one, but that was before he met Jamie Papadopoulos. Jamie is the most attractive man Luke’s ever seen, and one look into his eyes confirms the feelings are mutual. After one amazing night, Luke’s doubts cloud his reasoning, and, deciding to pre-empt heartache, he throws away Jamie’s number, sure he’ll never see him again.

Luckily for Luke, Jamie knows they could be good together, and he is persistent, eventually wearing Luke down. As their one year anniversary approaches, Jamie knows exactly what he wants to give Luke. The platinum wedding bands have been burning a hole in his suitcase in the attic for two months. But before he can say those four life-changing words, an accident throws their well-ordered lives into disarray.


Review: What a delight! I’m so happy that I chose this as my final Christmas story for review. The new reissued version contains both Mr. Popsalos and The Perfect Gift, and I’m so glad I read them both together in one volume. Mr. Popsalos is good, but it was the second part of the book, The Perfect Gift, that bumped it up to that next level and made it great.

Being a single dad has really put a damper on Luke’s dating life. Being Reggie’s father is his greatest joy… But experience has taught him that once potential boyfriends hear about ‘the kid’, they go running. So, it’s no big shock that Luke is gun-shy and reluctant to give new guys a chance. Add in that his mother and his best friend continue to set him up on awkward, and at times painful, blind dates, and the dating future certainly seems bleak to Luke. Until he meets Jamie.

Even their meet-cute at a coffee shop and then a steamy night of sex don’t stop Luke from trying to screw things up with Jamie. Luke still thinks that Jamie will freak out after finding out about his son, so he cuts and runs before he can get hurt again. What he doesn’t count on is Jamie’s tenacity and the fact that he’s Reggie’s “Mr. Popsalos.” Luke has been hearing about Mr. Popsalos for a few weeks, but it’s not until the December parent-teacher conference that he finds out Mr. Popsalos is Jamie Papadopoulos, the new teaching assistant in Reggie’s class. Jamie, seeing that there is something special there with Luke, takes the opportunity to get through to him and turn things around.

Jump forward one year… It’s almost Christmas, and almost Jamie and Luke’s one year anniversary, and Jamie is planning a spectacular surprise for Luke. Life has other plans, however, and a tragic accident puts the little family’s future in jeopardy. I’m not going to go into details about what happens. I’ll let you discover that for yourselves. I will say, though, that this part of the story will play on all of your emotions. It’s at times scary, but mostly beautiful and heart-warming. It is a story about what being a father/parent truly means, and about love. Fabulous.

I can’t end the review without quickly mentioning a couple of other things. First, Reggie is adorable. I’m a sucker for cute kids in stories, and I know many of you are as well. Reggie is wonderful. Second, the story of Luke and Reggie’s mom, Sarah, is so beautifully written. I have to give kudos to Lisa Worrall for making me cry before even 5% of the story had gone by.

Mr. Popsalos is a charming, sexy, feel-good Christmas story that can absolutely be enjoyed any time of year. Don’t wait until the holidays come around again! Pick this one up now.

You can buy Mr. Popsalos here:

All Romance eBooks

All Romance eBooks

Giveaways, Lisa Worrall, White Stiletto Press

Excerpt and Giveaway: Follow My Lead by Lisa Worrall

Follow My Lead

The Novel Approach is pleased to bring you Lisa Worrall and her latest novella Follow My Lead, from White Stiletto Press. Enjoy the excerpt Lisa has chosen to share with you, then leave a comment below for a chance to win an e-copy of the book.



1 Follow My Lead E-Book CoverBlurb: Hell hath no fury like a boyfriend scorned as sitcom star and comedian, CJ Edwards, finds out when his ex releases a sex tape he hadn’t even known was being filmed. Not to mention the headlines on every newstand accusing CJ of being an abusive alcoholic. His career in tatters, CJ’s agent manages to get CJ a spot on the Christmas special of Dancing with Stars in Your Eyes. Seeing it as a chance to possibly redeem himself, CJ accepts.

Lucien Moreau has been a dance professional on Dancing with Stars in Your Eyes for three years, and he loves it. Until the powers that be decide, in view of new marriage equality laws, the show’s Christmas special will include a gay couple. Finding out he is being partnered with CJ Edwards hits him like a fist to the gut. Six months ago his brother and sister-in-law were killed in an accident when their car was hit by a drunk driver. How the hell is he supposed to teach a man, not unlike the one who destroyed his family, to dance?

Buy Links: Amazon US | All Romance eBooks


Excerpt: “What is wrong with you? No, no way. I’m not doing it. Nuh-uh, niet, nein, non, and not in a million fucking years!”

“So that’s a no then?”

“Funny is not your strong point, Matthew. Leave it to the professionals.”

“Well, when I find one, I’ll be sure to do just that.”

CJ Edwards stopped pacing in front of the fireplace in his living room and glared at his agent, Matt Davis, who lounged against the plump cushions of CJ’s red leather couch. Although Matt had been his friend as well as his agent for almost eight years, CJ had to resist the urge to slap his face and that smug fucking look on it, right off his head. The bastard thinks I’m gonna cave! Well, he can fucking whistle. I ain’t doing it!

“Stow the hairy eyeball, Edwards,” Matt drawled. “We both know that stopped working on me a long time ago.”

“Fuck off,” CJ bit back childishly.

“I’d love to, but you keep paying me,” Matt replied. “Look, dude, I love you, you know that, but this is all we’ve got. No comedy store appearances, no club openings, no sitcom renewal.” He tapped his points off on his fingers and CJ winced with each one. “That sex tape cost us big and no one wants to touch us. This is the only thing that’s crossed my desk for almost a year. The fee is enough for you not to have to sell the beach house, and it’ll give you the opportunity to redeem yourself. Let the public see the real you.”

“I think they’ve seen enough of the real me.”

“You’re being an ass, CJ. You need this.” Matt ran his hand through his dark hair. “It’s five weeks out of your life. Four weeks initial training, then three nights on the show. It’s a one off special, not a full season. It’ll be over before you know it.” CJ glared at him. “Look, I’d tell you to swallow your pride, but after the number Mario did on you, there ain’t a helluva lot left. For God’s sake, man. If you ever want the chance to salvage even the slightest bit of a career, this is it!”

“The token homo in Dancing with Stars in Our Eyes is going to save my career?” CJ yelled at Matt in frustration. “You can’t seriously believe that!”

“I believe it’s better than sitting on your ass all day complaining about how unfair life is!”

“Matt.” CJ’s shoulders slumped, the fight leaving him. “Please don’t make me do this.” He didn’t miss the twitch of Matt’s lips. Bastard!

“I can’t make you do anything.”

“Liar.” CJ sighed heavily and all but threw himself down on the other couch opposite Matt. “Alright, alright,” he huffed. “I’ll do it. But if I end up coming off even worse, I will kill you.”

“Goes without saying.” Matt grinned widely and pulled his cell out of his pocket, already tapping out numbers. “You won’t regret this, buddy. Hey, Linda? It’s Matt Davis. Yes, CJ will be very happy to join the cast of Dancing with Christmas Stars in Our Eyes. Yes…”

Dancing with Christmas Stars in Our Eyes? Seriously? CJ picked up a cushion and covered his face with it. What the fuck am I doing?


Author BioAbout Lisa: I live in a small seaside town which boasts the longest pier in the world – not that that has anything to do with what I write, I just like my claim to fame. I write M/M erotic romance – heavy on the romance, because who doesn’t need a little love in their life and life in their men?​

Find Lisa at her Website, facebook, Twitter, or email her at

4.5 Stars, Audio Book, Dreamspinner Press, Genre Romance, Lisa Worrall, Reviewed by Kim

Audio Review: I Can See for Miles by Lisa Worrall – Narrated by Chris Patton

Title: I Can See for Miles

Author: Lisa Worrall

Narrator:: Chris Patton

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Run Time: 4 Hours, 58 Minutes

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Blurb: After a kayaking accident took Josh Donald’s sight, he’s faced with learning to negotiate the world as a blind man. In short order, his boyfriend leaves him behind, making it clear he’s not inclined to deal with special needs. Reeling from the blow, Josh flounders. In an attempt to help, Josh’s friends take him to a camp for the blind, where he falls for the camp organizer, Charlie Cooper. Charlie seems to feel the attraction too, but when a horse named Dottie pushes them into a hot first kiss, Charlie resists. He believes he’s damaged goods, not boyfriend material. Since the accident, Josh has faced tough obstacles, but the most challenging hurdle of all may be getting Charlie to open up and take a chance on love. Continue reading

4.5 Stars, Genre Romance, Lisa Worrall, Mystery/Suspense/Action Thriller, Reviewed by Tina, White Stiletto Press

Review and Giveaway: Laurel Heights 2 by Lisa Worrall

Title: Laurel Heights 2

Author: Lisa Worrall

Publisher: White Stiletto Press

Pages/Word Count: 143 Pages

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Blurb: Will and Scott are now out and proud and living together in Scott’s tiny house. So everything is perfect, right? Wrong…

Scott has a new partner, a new male partner, and Will is not happy about that at all.

A sadistic serial killer is at large, torturing his way through the gay community, but Will and Scott have no leads.

And one of the residents of Laurel Heights has been arrested for murder. Continue reading

4 Stars, Dreamspinner Press, Lisa Worrall, Paranormal Romance, Reviewed by Sammy

Review: Thirst by Lisa Worrall

Title: Thirst

Author: Lisa Worrall

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Pages/Word Count: 200 Pages

Rating: 4 Stars

Blurb: A dark killer haunts the streets of Los Angeles, stalking unwilling victims and draining their blood. When the evidence runs dry, Detective Max Bowman quenches his thirst at his local bar hoping for inspiration. Instead, he’s robbed and left for dead in the alley. Waking up in the warm bed of horror novelist Carter Gray was the last thing he expected, but it may be the lead he needs. For Carter hides a dangerous secret behind his life as a bestselling author and it might be the answer, no matter how unbelievable, Max has been looking for.
Continue reading

4 Stars, Genre Romance, Lisa Worrall, Paranormal Romance, Reviewed by Tina, Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Urban Fantasy, Totally Bound

Lisa Worrall’s “Going Under” Packs A Mean Paranormal Punch

“He says you kill ghosts for a living. Like you’re a ghostbuster or something.”

“I’m not a ghostbuster.” ― Kendare Blake

Title: Going Under

Author: Lisa Worrall

Publisher: Totally Bound

Pages/Word Count: 106 Pages

Rating: 4 Stars

Blurb: Battered by unseen forces, Evan Griffin finally seeks help. Paranormal investigator Ross Stone is captivated. Dare he get close when he’s fighting his own demons?

Evan Griffin moved into his remote country house with all the excitement and promise of a new start. He thought he’d found it until the strange noises began… When the attacks become physical, he was left bruised and battered and desperate for help. Continue reading

Lisa Worrall, Self-Published

Lisa Worrall Delivers A Little “U.S. Male” With A Giveaway

Thank you for having me!

My latest release is a short previously seen in the Dreamspinner anthology, Uniform Appeal, called U.S. Male. As you can probably guess, the submission call was for stories about men in uniform, any kind of uniform. It piqued my interest and I thought about what kind of uniforms I liked. I mean, everyone likes a man in a crisp starched shirt and dress blues, or muscles accentuated by khaki, and, of course, let’s not leave out the firemen and their hoses—sorry, I couldn’t resist!

When I sat down to think about what to write, the one thing that kept echoing in my head was the fact that, as much as the above uniforms put a bit of a zing in my ding-a-ling, they probably rang a bell for others, too. This led me to wander down the path of least uniforms, if you’ll pardon the pun, and I thought about the everyday Joe. You know, the UPS guy with the tight buns in those brown pants. The guy who fixes your satellite dish when the signal goes screwy. The pizza man who delivers more than a pizza while keeping on that stupid baseball cap. But the one who stuck out for me was the mailman. Those tight navy shorts, close-fitting polo shirt and a big package.
Continue reading

A Sneak Peek At The Coming Week, Charlie Cochet, GayRomLit, Jordan L. Hawk, KJ Charles, Lex Chase, Lisa Worrall, Mary Calmes, Nikka Michaels, S.A. McAuley, SE Jakes

Here’s A Sneak Peek At The Coming Week – And , P.S., I Need Reviewers

Hi, everyone, I hope you’ve all had a great week.

Before I get to the week ahead, I’m looking for a few good reviewers. If you, or anyone you know, loves to read, will read from a variety of sub-genres (though that’s not a deal breaker), and loves to devour books then share your opinion on them, please fill out the contact form below because I want you to join the team.

Previous experience isn’t necessary, but if you review on your own blog, Amazon, or Goodreads, I’d like to read a sample of your work, so please leave a URL link in the comment box as well.

I look forward to hearing from you!
Continue reading

5 Stars, Lisa Worrall, Reviewed by Lisa, White Stiletto Press

Snow, Rain, Heat, Gloom Of Night – Lisa Worrall’s “U.S. Male” Swiftly Delivers

“Even in the familiar there can be surprise and wonder.” ― Tierney Gearon

Title: U.S. Male

Author: Lisa Worrall

Publisher: White Stiletto Press

Pages/Word Count: 10 Pages

Rating: 5 Stars

Blurb: This short was originally in the Dreamspinner Anthology, Uniform Appeal.

Uniforms didn’t do it for Rick. A firm ass in a tight pair of jeans rang all his bells. But uniforms? Not a single tingle. At least that’s what he thought.

Then he opened the door to the new mailman…
Continue reading

4.5 Stars, Amazon Digital Services, Lisa Worrall, Reviewed by Lisa, White Stiletto Press

Lisa Worrall’s “Behind the Mask” Gives Two Men A Second Chance At Love

“Don’t you find that a terribly romantic idea? Love stealing in to overtake two people who’d believed they were merely friends?” ― Cecilia Grant

Title: Behind the Mask

Author: Lisa Worrall

Publisher: Self-Published

Pages/Word Count: 80 Pages

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Blurb: The Downe’s Valentine’s Day Masquerade Ball has been an annual event for over a hundred
years and where, four years ago, Gabe met Mike. It’s been over six months since Mike’s death and Mike thinks that Gabe is ready to move on. How does Gabe know this? He receives a letter and a ticket to the ball, from Mike. Gabe isn’t sure he’ll ever be ready to move on, but in deference to Mike’s memory, he attends the ball.

Continue reading

Lisa Worrall, Reviewed by Sammy, Self-Published, White Stiletto Press

“Un-Expected” Breaks Loose From The Predictable To Create A Beautiful Love Story – Reviewed by Sammy

”A kiss makes the heart young again and wipes out all the years.” – Rupert Brooke

Title: Un-Expected

Author: Lisa Worrall

Publisher: White Stiletto Press

Pages/Word Count: 122 Pages

Rating: 4 Stars

Blurb: Little Mowbury is a sleepy English village deep in the Cotswolds. The kind of village where you’re only a local if your lineage can be traced back to the dinosaurs. Where you can find everything in the single shop from morning newspapers, to dry-cleaning and getting your shoes mended. And, of course, where everybody knows everybody else’s business. It’s easy to find… you can’t miss it… just ask anyone and they’ll tell you… “It’s left at the crossroads.”
Continue reading

All Romance Ebooks, Lisa Worrall, White Stiletto Press

Lisa Worrall’s Marshalls Park Series Comes To A Perfect End

“I never thought getting arrested would be the best thing that ever happened to me, but it was, because it brought me you.” – Lisa Worrall

Title: The Marshalls Park Series #8-10

Author: Lisa Worrall

Publisher: White Stiletto Press

Rating: 5 Stars

Blurb: Monty’s Trick or Treat: Everyone has been the victim of Chris’ pranks in the run-up to Halloween, and he doesn’t appear to be in a hurry to stop. Despite almost getting one of the park’s employees fired.

Finn decides Chris needs to be taught a lesson and what better way than to give him a taste of his own medicine? With a little help from his friends, he sets about organizing the prank to end all pranks – on an epic scale – using Chris’ biggest fear against him!
Continue reading

Lisa Worrall, White Stiletto Press

Lisa Worrall Will Put You In A “New York Cowboy” State Of Mind

“The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.”–Bob Marley

Vance Wolf owns Wolf Creek Ranch along with his mother. His father died recently of a heart attack that Vance attributes completely to their new neighbor Andrew Blackwell. Blackwell wants to buy Wolf Creek Ranch. When his friendly offers were refused, he resorted to less friendly and eventually illegal means to get his hands on the ranch. Vance receives little to no help from the local sheriff, who is being bribed by Blackwell’s deep pockets.

As Wolf Creek Ranch (so named because of the creek that runs along the property’s edge closest to the ranch Blackwell now owns) continues to lose cattle to Blackwell’s attacks, Vance and his mother have no capital to replace them. They are quickly running out of money and losing the ranch is a definite possibility.
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Lisa Worrall, White Stiletto Press

More Meerkat Love In Lisa Worrall’s “Marshall’s Park” Serial

“When we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them, and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness — and call it love — true love.” — Robert Fulghum

I have a deeply held personal belief that most really talented writers are sadists at heart. Especially those who write books in series. You all know who you are. If you don’t, contact me, I’d be happy to name names. We, the vulnerable readers, are held hostage to your whims and those of your muses. We, the helpless readers, wait and while away the time anxiously hoping for a scrap of something from our masters‘ laptops… Wait, that went off the rails somewhere. You know what I mean!

I love Monty. There, I said it. He is a Meerkat and I love him. Or, rather, I love Finn, the guy in the Monty suit. And Aiden, his boyfriend. And Kaylee, Aiden’s five-year-old daughter. I even love Chris, Finn’s annoying roommate and Aunt Patti, Aiden’s annoying housemate. Lisa Worrall has created a junkie and I can’t wait for my next fix.

In the Marshall’s Park series, Ms. Worrall has blended a perfect balance of smoking hot sex, truly emotional moments of real human fear and love, and hilarious characters. The series is planned as a twelve part serial novel, with one short story published each month for a year. It is brilliant. A little sadistic as I already sort of alluded to, but brilliant.

In Monty Loses His Head, Kaylee wants Monty to be her show and tell for school. Finn can’t find the most important part of his costume, the head. In its place is a ransom note demanding tickets to the park and various other items. The search is on, with Chris being suspect numero uno. The outcome is sweet and the culprit unexpected. As with all the stories in the series, there is hot sex and funny interaction between Finn/Aiden/Kaylee. I went immediately to the next story…

I think the title Moving Monty In says it all. Aiden asks Finn to move in, and as the title hints, Finn says yes. Of course, with Kaylee’s show and tell approaching, both Aiden and Finn are freaking out, but for different reasons. The method they employ to relax each other won’t surprise you, but the aftermath will.

This whole series is highly recommended. A must read.

Reviewed by: Tina admitted Meerkat lover.

**Click on Cover Images for Buy Links**

Dreamspinner Press, Lisa Worrall, White Stiletto Press

Today Feels A Lot Like A Lisa Worrall Kind Of Day

The Marshall’s Park Series (Books 1-4)

Adapt yourself to the things among which your lot has been cast and love sincerely the fellow creatures with whom destiny has ordained that you shall live. – Marcus Aurelius

Lisa Worrall

The Marshall’s Park Series is an old-fashioned monthly serial. The kind that leaves you breathlessly awaiting the next installment. I think the last time I got hooked on a series like this was Stephen King’s The Green Mile. That was a number of years ago!

Marshall’s Park is a local zoo which is famous for it’s mascot “Monty the Meerkat”. A role that Finn Thomas lovingly plays. Until the day he gets arrested.

Aiden Reid is a spoiled rich kid turned single dad. He lives with his Aunt Patti while raising his daughter Kaylee mostly on his own. This is how we meet them in the first installment, Monty Gets Arrested.

During a day at the zoo, Aiden loses sight of Kaylee. Finn finds her, takes care of the booboo on her knee and tries to help her find her daddy. When Aiden sees this, he assumes that Finn/Monty is trying to kidnap is daughter and physically assaults him. Finn is hauled off to jail because Aiden doesn’t believe that he works at the park.

Of course, this problem is easily sorted out and Finn spends the next month (and the second installment, Monty’s First Date,) getting to know Kaylee and Aiden on “play dates”. The mutual attraction between Finn and Aiden has been growing. Now it is time for a real date. Aiden forgets he is taking antibiotics, has too much wine and loosens up just a bit.

In the third part of the story, Monty Meets The Ex, we find Finn and Aiden struggling to find “adult” time (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). With the help of a friend’s brother, Finn is able to surprise Aiden with a weekend away at the coast. Of course, with these guys, nothing can go smoothly. They run into Aiden’s ex boyfriend. While their relationship is pretty new and untested, Finn and Aiden are able to get past the awkwardness.

This book was a little longer than the first two. It is also the first time we get to read any sex scenes. As usual with Lisa Worrall, the scenes are hot enough to burn up the page.

In the fourth installment Meeting Monty’s Parents, Aiden is not looking forward to it. His experience with his own family hasn’t been good and he has never met a boyfriend’s family before. Of course, they love Aiden and Kaylee as much as we do! What’s not to love?

The slow-blossoming love between these two men is sweet. The complications that come in the form of an arrest, a daughter, an Aunt, an ex and an entire family at once are all overcome with a healthy dose of laughter. I can’t wait to see what they get up to next! I’m sure if you start reading, you won’t be able to wait for the next one either. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by: Tina

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I Can See for Miles

Sacrificing your happiness for the happiness of the one you love, is by far, the truest type of love. – Henry David Thoreau

I have read a few novels with blind MCs, but this book seemed to be so real to me. Josh and Charlie are two very different men with two very different sight issues. Josh lost his sight completely after an accident while white water rafting. Charlie has cataracts that only minimally respond to surgery for a short amount of time. One thing they do seem to have in common is they have both cornered the market on horrible ex-boyfriends.

The story starts with Josh going to a camp for the blind. His best friends, Greg and Mario, have decided Josh needs to get out of the house and start to live again. During check-in at the camp, Josh hears a voice that starts to thaw the icy walls he built around his heart. Charlies’ voice is the first thing in a long time that has made Josh want to live again. Charlie, however, is not going to be an easy nut to crack. Between meddling best friends and some time spent with a very slobbery horse Josh and Charlie start to move forward toward a relationship, that is until Charlie puts the brakes on out of the blue.

After a visit to the doctor for Charlie he gets some bad news that sends him into an emotional tailspin that lands him on Josh’s front porch. After a night of making love, the two men start to grow closer and spend as much time together as they can. One night Josh swoops in and takes Charlie out for a moonlit horseride to “their spot” by the river. After making love Josh has a terrible accident and nearly dies. Charlie feels that with his vision failing he can’t protect Josh, so he lets him go. Unfortunately for Josh, Charlie doesn’t let him down easy.

After months of suffering, Mario steps in to try to reunite Josh and Charlie. Josh finds out that Charlie has been keeping secrets, but he still loves him. The reunion between them is full of confessions. Confessions of love and of sacrifice.

These two men do get their HEA, but the road is full of bumps and curves. Come along for the wild ride and you might just fall in love with them the way I did. Josh has a wicked sense of humor and Charlies’ friends and family kept me laughing. The love between them was fast forming but enduring. So, come along for the ride and maybe you will see for miles and miles also.

Reviewed by: Jackie

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