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The Prose Speak: Building a Better Website by Lynley Wayne

Author Website pt3

In this post I’m going to talk about all the things an author website should have. These are all pretty obvious and yet I see authors in all stages of their careers that are missing one or more of these things.

You should have a BOOKS tab; someplace where you have a list of all your books. For each book you need to have the cover, the blurb, and buy links. Those are absolute musts. If you’ve won any awards or been nominated for any awards for a book, then be sure to add that as well. An excerpt from the book is optional, but I would suggest adding one because it allows people to see a sample of your writing. Another thing to consider would be quotes from reviews, along with a link to that review.

You should also have an ABOUT ME or BIO page. On it you should have two versions of your bio; the long one you use in the back of your books, and a shorter version. If you use an author photo, I would suggest having it on your bio pages, along with all social media links, and your email address.

When it comes to social media links, make sure they are sites you actually use. If you have ten different social media accounts, but you only use two, then there’s no sense in listing the others. The point of having a list of social media accounts is so readers can find you.

Speaking of finding you… I suggest having a CONTACT page. This will allow for readers to easily ask you questions or rave about how much they love your work. Most templates have a premade form for that kind of thing. If your website template doesn’t, then on your contact page it should have a way for readers to get in touch with you. I suggest writing out your email address. email(at)mail(dot)com

If you have a blog, then make sure it’s easy to find, and updated on a regular basis—even if that means once a month. The same applies for anyone who has a FAQ page as well. I check my FAQ page every few months to make sure nothing has changed.

Newsletters are something a lot of authors use. If you have a newsletter, then be sure there is a sign up sheet on your website, or a link to your sign up sheet.

For authors who do a lot of public appearances, like book signings or conventions, then make sure you have a designated place on your website to list all the places you’re going to be appearing.

The main thing to keep in mind when designing a website is this; readers are going to visit your website to find information about your and your books. Make it as easy on them as possible. If they have to go hunting through pages and pages in order to find the information they’re looking for, odds are they’re going to leave without finding it. All information should be able to be found within a maximum of three clicks. Things should be clearly labeled and easy to read.

Your website doesn’t have to be fancy, but it must be functional. Otherwise, what’s the point of having one?

And the last piece of advice I can give you is to do routine maintenance on your site. Check for things like broken links and that all your information is current.

If you have an questions about designing your website or how to improve your website, please feel free to email me at lynleywayne(at)gmail(dot)com, use the contact form on my website, or leave a comment on this post.


Lynley WayneLynley was a 2014 Lambda Literary Awards Finalist. She published her first book in September of 2012 and hasn’t looked back. When not writing she can found reading or coming up with creative ways to avoid housework. While Lynley Wayne may be a pen name, the woman behind it is very real and believes everyone is entitled to their own version of happiness. She looks forward to the day when who, or how, we love is no longer an issue.

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Lynley Wayne, The Prose Speak

The Prose Speak: Creating an Effective Website (Part 2) by Lynley Wayne

Author Wesbite pt2

As I said in the last post, you don’t have to have a fancy website. The point of an author’s website is to have a place where readers can go to find out all about your books and you. There is no need to spend hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars to have someone design a site for you. Blogger and WordPress both have free templates that can be adjusted to fit your needs.

We’ve already covered the importance of creating your site to represent the genre you write in and you as an author. Another thing to consider is, feel. If you write sweet romances, then having a dark website doesn’t make sense. If you write horror, then having a light-hearted design doesn’t work. Keep that in mind when considering your color scheme.

One thing do stay away from, even if you do write horror, is a black background with white lettering. It’s hard on the eyes. You want readers to visit your website and stay for awhile. If they can’t read it without getting a headache from eyestrain, then they’re not going to stay very long.

Which takes me to my next point. Not everyone has perfect eyesight. Make sure your font is large enough for everyone to read, or at least the majority of people.

Pick a font that is easy to read. Fancy fonts might look pretty, but they can be hard to read. I would suggest using them only for things like headers or quotes. The rest of your website should be using a legible font. That doesn’t mean you have to use Times New Roman or Arial, there are a lot of legible fonts out there.

Another thing to consider, while those moving or flashing graphics might look cool, they can also cause problems with some medical conditions, like epilepsy.


In part three of author websites, I’ll talk about things every author website should have. If you have a question, please feel free to leave a comment on this post or contact me directly by email at lynleywayne(at)gmail(dot)com.


Lynley WayneLynley was a 2014 Lambda Literary Awards Finalist. She published her first book in September of 2012 and hasn’t looked back. When not writing she can found reading or coming up with creative ways to avoid housework. While Lynley Wayne may be a pen name, the woman behind it is very real and believes everyone is entitled to their own version of happiness. She looks forward to the day when who, or how, we love is no longer an issue.

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A Sneak Peek At The Coming Week

Here’s a Sneak Peek at the Coming Week

Sneak Peek

Cheers, fellow bookworms, and welcome back to another quick look at what we have in store for you in the week ahead.

We’ve got some great guests and giveaways coming up, plus reviews and another Flashback Friday, where we’re going to go a little mysterious and feature some of our favorite Mysteries.

I hope to see you back to visit! Now, here’s what’s up.


Monday – We kick off a great week today with author J. Johanis on the Dream God blog tour

We’ll also have author Ethan Day with us on the tour for the re-release of the books in his Summit City series, Sno Ho and its full length follow up, Life in Fusion

Lissa Kasey drops by to spends some time with us as well, to chat about her new novel Cardinal Sins

Tuesday – Today begins with author Morticia Knight visiting on the tour for her new novel Negotiating Love

We’ll also welcome author Zathyn Priest today to chat about his new book Inside His Reflection

Wednesday – Today brings us author Christian Baine to talk about his new book Puppet Boy

And Shae Connor stops by today on the tour for her new book Nobody’s Son

Thursday – A little bit of the holiday spirit lands here today when Heidi Cullinan joins us on the tour for her new Christmas story, Winter Wonderland

The writing team of KA Merikan also stop by on the tour for the newest book in their Sex & Mayhem series, One Step too Close

Friday – Today we have author Damon Suede with us to talk to us about his new novel Pent Up

We’ll also have Part Two of Lynley Wayne’s article on building a better website

And Flashback Friday makes a return today. I think we’ll bring a little mystery to table by featuring some of our favorite mysteries, so stay tuned for that

SaturdayJosephine Myles and JL Merrow are popping in today to chat about their new anthology Boys Who Go Bump in the Night, a collection of short stories they’ve put together from previously published work

Sunday – Finally, after we give Saturday a miss and head straight on in to Sunday, we’ll welcome authors Amber Kell and RJ Scott on the tour for their new collaboration, The Case of the Purple Pearl


And that does it for the coming week. Until next time, happy reading!


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The Prose Speak: Creating an Effective Website by Lynley Wayne

Author Website pt1

The one thing every author should have is a website. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. And contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to blog. In fact, unless blogging is something you enjoy doing and can do on a regular basis, you’re probably better off not having one.

We’ll start with the domain name. That’s the that will take readers to your website. The best option is WWW.YOURNAME.COM. If you have a common name, then it might already be taken. In that case, consider using:





You don’t have to use the .com designation. Ones like .net and .org work too. But make it something that is easy for readers to remember.

I’ve seen authors who use the name of a series for their main website. I wouldn’t suggest doing this unless you only write that series. The reason being, if you write more than one series it might be harder from some readers to find you. What if you choose your first series as your domain name, but they haven’t read it? You want it to be as easy as possible for readers to find you online.

Which takes me to my next point.

When a reader finds your site they should be able to tell two things almost instantly; that you are an author and what genre you write in. If you write gay romance then you shouldn’t have pictures of scantly clad women plastered all over your website. If you write thrillers, then having cowboys and horses all over your website doesn’t make sense. Unless, of course, you write cowboy thrillers, then that’s a different story. You see where I’m going with this, right? Tailor your website to match the kinds of stories you write.

An author’s website is a professional platform. It is the face you present to the world. Make sure it represents you as a writer.

Things like personal photos of you, your family, your pets, your vacation, have no place on your author website. If you want to share those things, then I suggest keeping them regulated to blog posts. The one exception to this is, however, photos taken at conventions. Then I would suggest creating a page specifically for them, and remember, keep it clean and professional.

Once you post something online, it’s there forever.


In part two of author websites, I’ll talk specifics about things to consider when creating your website. Feel free to comment or contact me with any questions.


Lynley WayneLynley was a 2014 Lambda Literary Awards Finalist. She published her first book in September of 2012 and hasn’t looked back. When not writing she can found reading or coming up with creative ways to avoid housework. While Lynley Wayne may be a pen name, the woman behind it is very real and believes everyone is entitled to their own version of happiness. She looks forward to the day when who, or how, we love is no longer an issue.

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Lynley Wayne

Guest Post: On Being Kind by Lynley Wayne

This is a post I have started several times in the past. I start it and then I talk myself out of posting it and yet, this same issue seems to pop up again and again. I guess you could say it’s more a bunch of smaller issues that are part of a larger whole. Each time it happens I become more and more disheartened with social media, with the gay romance writing community, and with people in general.

I started writing gay romance, not because I wasn’t good enough to break into straight romance—although I’ve been accused of that in the past—but because I believe wholeheartedly in equality. I believe that it is a human right to be able to love whomever we want. That love is one of those things that is precious and should be celebrated.

I believe in treating people with respect; in accepting people for who they are, quirks and all. I believe that we are all different for a reason and each and every one of us can learn something valuable from those who appear so different at a glance.

At its core, the gay romance community is supposed to be a group of people who support equality and inclusivity. After all, we are a band of misfits and outcasts, most of us. Are we not? Of all people, we should know how it feels to be treated unkindly, to be judged at a glance, and to be hated for something outside of our control. If those things do not make us more compassionate, then the bullies, the haters, the ones who want nothing more than to remind us that we are different, they win.

With the growth and acceptance of the gay romance genre and the LGBTI community, I think we forget how far we’ve come and how far we have yet to go. So when I see things like authors bullying reviewers because they didn’t like the review they got, or reviewers writing hateful reviews that are less about the books and more about the writers, or the never-ending debate about whether or not women can write gay romance, or authors taking advantage of readers, bloggers, or other authors, those things make me sad. I haven’t been a part of this community that long and yet I have seen all of those things multiple times. It’s like there’s a cycle to them, one that needs to be stopped.

Each time you sit down at the computer, or pick up your tablet or smart phone, you need to remember that there is a real live, flesh and blood, human being on the other side of that screen. One that has feelings, feeling that can be hurt. Whoever wrote the rhyme, “Sticks and stone may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” They were wrong. Bones heal and with time we forget the pain of that break. Words, however, they never really go away. Once said, an unkind word can haunt us for the rest of our lives, becoming part of that internal voice telling us that we are not good enough, smart enough, skinny enough, pretty enough, just…ENOUGH. Words can do more damage than anything else.

They can also heal. They can change the world. They can repair bridges and foster friendships.

As a group of avid readers, and of writers, you’d think the power of words would be obvious. That, we, of all people, would be more careful with the things we say.

Even as a writer, I don’t always say things the right way. Sometimes it takes me many, many drafts before I get it right. I like having the screen between the world and me. Not because I’m shy or anything, but because I often say things without thinking and I know I have inadvertently injured people in the past. This screen allows for me to be more thoughtful of my words, to edit myself in a way I can’t do in person.

As I stated at the beginning of this post, I have gone back and forth about posting this online, more times than you can know. I worry that in doing so some people may feel like I am calling them out, when the truth is, I’m not. I’m not pointing fingers or referring to one specific incident. If you feel that I am, then I apologize, because that is not my intent.

The reason I decided to go ahead and write this post was because it is only when we bring things into the light and examine them honestly that we have a chance of changing who we can become. By acknowledging and making a conscious effort to be better, to do better is the only way we can grow. Keeping your head down and pretending that everything is fine, does nothing but perpetuate a society of bullies.

I refuse to be silent any longer. So I’m standing up and saying, “I know we can do better.”


Lynley Wayne

Professionalism in Writing: A Guest Post by Lynley Wayne

The Novel Approach is pleased to have Lynley Wayne with us today to offer some great common sense tips for authors, whether you’re an established author or just beginning your writing career.


Writing, unlike other professions, has a lot of flexibility. We can write anywhere. Whether it’s down the road at our favorite coffee shop. Sitting in the bleachers of our child’s game. Curled up on the couch in our pajamas. In our cars while on a lunch break from the day job. Standing in line at the post office.

You get the idea.

And while it’s nice, it also makes it easier for some to forget that at the end of the day writing is still a profession. As such, there needs to be a certain level of professionalism. How you present yourself online, and in public, is important.


Let’s start with something simple, the author’s name. Oftentimes the name is the first impression a reader has of you. It doesn’t matter if you use a pen name or your real name. Your name says a lot about you. People form opinions based on a name. If you chose to write under a pen name (as I do), then make sure it’s a name you will still be comfortable using ten years from now. Make sure you will have no problem answering to it in public, and I don’t just mean at writing conventions. If someone hollers it in the middle of a crowded mall, would you smile and wave, or would you duck and hide?

Another thing to think of is website domains, blog titles, and/or email addresses. For all of these it should be the author name. If you write under the name of Janie Doe, then your domain name should be or .net or .org. Your email address should be If you can’t get your name @, then try or Even better would be Not only is it more professional, but it is also easier for readers to remember. Let’s not forget editors, publishers, agents, and bloggers.

Nowadays it seems like everyone is online. Social media allows us to connect with people like never before. The down side? It allows people to connect like never before. Meaning, we have a greater chance to say the wrong thing. We have to be more careful of what we say and how we say it, because once it goes into cyberspace there is no getting it back, it’s out there forever.

Think of it this way. Every interaction, whether it be in person, on social media, or through email, is a job interview. Always put your best self forward.


ATL_Lynley Wayne_BWAbout the Author: Lynley Wayne is the pen name of a thirty-something female living on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. When not writing, she can usually be found reading and thinking up creative ways to avoid housework. She is married to a very understanding man who doesn’t complain when she spends hours in front of the computer, or talks for hours about whatever story she’s working on, or asks random off the wall questions. He also keeps her fed on those occasions when her muse has taken over and she loses days at a time. Yeah, basically he’s vying for sainthood.

Lynley strongly believes everyone is entitled to their own version of happiness, no matter how it may differ from the norm. She writes characters she wants to read and hopes others like reading about them as much as she enjoyed writing them.

It is her hope that one day society will be able to look past the labels and see the person behind them. That they will realize we are all the same. Until that time comes, she will continue telling stories of a love others may believe is wrong, but she thinks is nothing short of beautiful.

You can find Lynley online at:,,, &

Giveaways, The Year In Reviews

Simply The Best 2014: Round Three – The Year In Reviews And A Giveaway


Greetings, everyone!

The Best of the Best continues today in our selections for top reads of 2014. Just in case you missed them, Sammy’s and Tina’s choices can be found HERE, Jackie’s, Lana’s and Jules’ choices can be found HERE, and just like those, we’re giving one lucky reader the chance to win e-copies of any TWO of the titles in today’s selections, winner’s choice. Continue reading

5 Stars, Drama, Genre Romance, Lynley Wayne, MLR Press, Mystery/Suspense/Action Thriller, Reviewed by Lynn

Review: Facing Demons by Lynley Wayne

Title: Facing Demons (Scars: Book Three)

Author: Lynley Wayne

Publisher: MLR Press

Pages/Word Count: 379 Pages

Rating: 5 Stars

Blurb: When demons from his past interfere with his present, Cam knows Seth is the only one he can trust to help him face them.

At the age of fifteen, Seth Dempsey gave his heart to Cameron Reyes. Three years later, Cam shattered it when he walked away. When Cam blows back into Seth’s life years later, Seth knows he will do whatever it takes to ensure Cam doesn’t slip away again. Even if it means going up against a corrupt DEA agent and a drug cartel.
Continue reading

Lynley Wayne, MLR Press

Interview and Giveaway: Facing Demons by Lynley Wayne

ATL_Lynley Wayne_BWTNA: Hi, Lynley, welcome to The Novel Approach, it’s great to have you back. Why don’t we start out by having you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Lynley: Thanks for having me. It’s an honor to be here. Me? Well, let’s see. I was born and raised in Indiana, but at the age of nineteen I packed all my belongings in my car and headed for warmer weather. I’ve lived on the Mississippi Gulf Coast every since. For as long as I can remember I wanted to be a writer. I have boxes of notebooks with stories or scenes or ideas written down. I even have a few floppy discs with my earlier works. It wasn’t until 2009 that I made the decision to pursue it as a career. I signed my first contract in 2011 and my first book, Scars, was released in September of 2012

TNA: I’m going to ask you a question that’s way off-topic for your visit today, but since we both have Indiana ties, I’m asking it anyway. How excited are you that the court of appeals overturned Indiana’s same sex marriage ban? Do you see each of these victories as yet another step toward equality in all 50 states sooner rather than later? Or do you think we’re still a ways off from that eventuality? Continue reading

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Indy Pride 2014 – Thanks, Pics, And A Wrap Up Of Our Day

Pride Selfies: Me, Jambrea Jo Jones and Lynley Wayne

Pride Selfies: Me, Jambrea Jo Jones and Lynley Wayne

On Saturday, the 14th, I had the privilege of attending my first Pride event here in Indianapolis. It was such a positive and uplifting day, and I’m so glad Lynley Wayne and Jambrea Jo Jones let me tag along on their coattails as a reviewer representative of the genre we write, read and love. As days go, I’ll tell you it’s one I’m not likely ever to forget. Indiana is one of the remaining states in the union that’s not only stubbornly holding on to the man/woman/marriage definition but is a state that’s been working hard to make marriage unconstitutional for same gender couples. After attending Indy Pride and seeing the projected one-hundred-twenty-thousand men, women, and kids in attendance, Indiana is a state that seems poised to move forward and make equality a verb rather than a noun.

We have so many people to thank for their generosity, for without the donations we received, our booth wouldn’t have been such a huge success. The depth of our gratitude can’t be expressed in a few words, but suffice it to say it’s because of these donations that we helped to introduce and spread the word about the M/M romance community to Indianapolis.

2014-06-14 08.33.09

Many thanks go to:

Elizabeth North and Dreamspinner Press for your donation of books, pens, DSP discount coupons, and Chapstick.

MLR Press for your donation of Chapstick (Which, P.S. – people got a kick out of the fact we were giving away vanilla Chapstick in the booth next door to the Indianapolis Kink Society)

Ethan Stone for the donation of books and bookmarks

Jennifer Wright for your donation of books and discount coupons for the purchase of your books at Totally Bound

Sloan Parker for the donation of books

Rider Jacobs for the donation of magnets

Deanna Wadsworth for the donation of bookplates, bookmarks, stickers and discount coupons

EM Lynley for the donation of bookplates

Christopher Koehler for the donation of your books.

And finally, a special thank you to Lynley Wayne’s husband, Brian, for making the spinner wheel so we had a way for people to win all these great prizes.


It was gratifying for us to introduce people who love to read to a genre of books some didn’t know existed, and it was even more gratifying when I found people here and there who’d read some of the authors I love, but celebrating books is nothing when compared to meeting people who’ve been marginalized, who’ve been made to feel less than because of who they love, who’ve ever had to hide a part of themselves because of fear of rejection by the people who are supposed to accept and love them unconditionally. When a pagan woman tells you their community is so often forced into hiding because of the misunderstanding of their beliefs, I think it proclaims in big bold letters that Pride events are necessary for anyone who has to put on a public face in order to avoid being judged and condemned. Pride is the day when people can shed the uniform of conformity and celebrate without fear of being ridiculed and harassed for it, and I think I can safely speak for the three of us when I say it was that atmosphere that made it such an amazing day.

2014-06-13 22.39.22

Indy Pride was twelve hours of chatting and pimping and people watching. It was a day filled with more than a few laughs and a lot of celebrating. And of Steve Grand, who is so beautiful and talented and I’m sorry I sucked so badly at videotaping him! But here, here’s a .gif of him that I was able to salvage from the wreckage of my Amishness. Enjoy!

Steve Grand 3

Lynley Wayne, MLR Press

This Is What “A Life Interrupted” Looks Like

“It was but yesterday I thought myself a fragment quivering without rhythm in the sphere of life. Now I know that I am the sphere, and all life in rhythmic fragments moves within me.” ― Kahlil Gibran

What an amazing story. I’ve read Scars by this author and absolutely loved it, so I jumped at the chance to read her latest.

Dan and Travis are an established couple who have been together for twenty-two years. They have two children and everything they could possibly want in life. When an unforeseen tragedy happens, it shakes Dan to the core of his soul.
Continue reading

Lynley Wayne, MLR Press

Lynley Wayne Interrupts This Morning With “A Life Interrupted”, And A Giveaway!

TNA: Hi, Lynley, thanks so much for being here with us today. Why don’t we start out by having you tell us a little bit about yourself? Hobbies, interests, odds and ends things that make you, you.

Lynley: Thanks for having me. Well, let’s see. I’m thirty-something and live on the Gulf Coast with my wonderfully supportive husband. (Who has done the cover art for all my M/M titles) I signed my first contract in October of 2011 with MLR Press and my first full-length novel came out in September of 2012. When I’m not writing you can usually find me reading. I read a variety of genres and am always looking for new authors. Since getting published my reading time has gone way down. I’m originally from a small town in Indiana, but have lived on the coast for almost 13 years. I like to knit on occasion and always have time for Doctor Who.

TNA: Have you always written M/M Romance, or is that something that came along later in your writing career? What is it that drew you toward wanting to explore gay relationships in your writing?

Lynley: I’ve written stories since I was little. I think I wrote my first one when I was in the second grade. However, it wasn’t until I started writing M/M that I decided to pursue publishing. So from the start of my writing career I’ve written M/M. Although, recently I’ve made the decision to work toward getting some of my non-romance, fantasy stories published as well. But that’s still at least a year down the road.

I fell in love with M/M Romance for several different reasons. The biggest one being, LGBTQ rights and equality is a cause that is very near and dear to my heart. I have several people in my life who fall into the LGBTQ spectrum and I hope to show, through my writing, that people are people no matter their sexual orientation or identity.

TNA: What was your first published M/M title? Do you remember the precise moment you came up with the story idea and knew you wouldn’t rest until it was told?

Lynley: My first M/M book was, Scars. The character of Jace came first. I lived with him in my head for a few months before I sat down to write his story. He started out as an abstract being and slowly, over time, started to take shape. Once I knew who Jace was I sat down to write Scars. At that time I had no clue what would happen or who his HEA was. All I knew was that Jace was this soldier who had lost people in the war and was suffering from PTSD. The first draft of Scars took me five days to write. Five very long days. I was tied to my laptop from the time I got up until I was unable to keep my eyes open and was forced to go to bed. When it was all said and done, it was 125K words. I rewrote it twice before submitting it to MLR Press and the version they received was only 121K, which was cut to around 98K in edits. Jace wouldn’t let me rest until I told his story. No character before, or since, has demanded my attention the way Jace did. Once I was finished I sat it aside for around a week and then I read through it again. It was the first book I had written that I thought had potential and I was lucky enough that my editor for that book and Rocky’s Road, Kimberly, thought so as well.

TNA: If you could go back in time, to the moment you sat down and began writing that first book, what’s the one piece of advice you’d give yourself?

Lynley: To not be so hard on myself. It’s something I’m still trying to learn. I tend to be overly critical of my own writing. I want it to be perfect even though I know that’s not possible. I don’t ever want a reader to pick up one of my books and feel like I phoned it in. You might not like my characters or the way I write or the story I tell, but I hope you never feel like I didn’t give it my all. Because of that I am harder on myself than anyone else could ever be.

TNA: Let’s chat about your new book, A Life Interrupted. Will you tell us a little bit about it and how you came up with the idea for the story?

Lynley: A Life Interrupted is about an older couple that has been together since college. They have a great life together and then something happens that has the potential to change everything. This story is told from Dan’s perspective. I’m working on the sequel now, which will be told from Travis’s point of view.

This story idea actually came from a conversation I had with my husband. I was telling him about an article I had read about a guy in Great Brittan and he pops off with a ‘what if’ scenario. Now his idea was way out in left field somewhere, but it got the synapsis firing and the next thing I know Dan was waking me up at some ridiculous hour demanding I tell his story.

TNA: Would you care to share an excerpt from the book with us?

Lynley: Sure. Here you go.

Dan pulled the only chair in the room over next to Travis’s bed and took a seat. Tears blurred his vision as he took hold of the hand he knew as well, if not better, than his own. He ran his thumb over the scar on Travis’s index finger. He’d gotten it while chopping vegetables the first year in their new house. Dan remembered how scared he’d been when he’d seen all that blood and how calm Travis had been while he held his hand over the sink. In his typical calm manner, Travis had asked Dan to please hand him a towel and grab him some shoes, because he was pretty sure it was going to need stitches.

Dan traced the callouses on the tips of each finger, from years of playing basketball, playing guitar, and working with his hands.

He pressed the palm of his own hand to Travis’s, aware of its warmth. Travis’s hand was much larger… manlier, than his own. From years of working in an office, Dan’s hands were soft with hardly a mark on them. Travis’s hands were strong—working man’s hands.

Those hands he loved so much had defended him, had loved him, had comforted him, and held him up over the years. So many memories. Dan traced the pale indention at the base of Travis’s ring finger, where his wedding band should’ve been. The worn gold band was on a string around Dan’s neck, where he’d placed it when the nurse had given it to him a little over a week ago.

It was strange to see the hand he knew so well without that ring. Travis had worn it every day for the last twenty-odd years. Dan had placed the ring on his finger a year and a half after they first met in that horrible sports bar and not once had Travis ever willingly taken it off.

It was back before it was actually legal for them to marry, but Travis had wanted Dan to know he was in it for the long haul. So in true Travis fashion, he’d bought them both rings and right there in the living room of their tiny studio apartment, Travis had asked Dan to spend forever with him.

That day had been the happiest of his life. He could vividly remember the tears streaking down both of their faces, voices quaking with emotion, as they made promises to one another before slipping the simple gold bands on each other’s fingers.

TNA: Your MCs, Dan and Travis, have been together for twenty-two years, which is, or nearly is, the age of so many of the protagonists in romance novels. What made you decide to delve into the lives and trials of a more mature couple?

Lynley: Part of it was that so many of the MCs in M/M Romance are 20-somethings and I wanted to portray a couple that had been together for a long time. A couple that was settled and in a committed, monogamous relationship. Plus, I think for the story to work they needed to be older. I can’t really say more without giving too much away.

TNA: Did either of the guys give you fits as you were writing, not wanting to cooperate with where you saw their story going? If so, which one?

Lynley: Not really. The hardest part of writing Dan’s story was the emotions involved. In order for me to be able to write it I have to put myself in that situation mentally. That’s why, even though it’s not as long as Scars or Rocky’s Road, it took me twice as long to write it and even longer to revise. There were many times where I would shy away from it even knowing I needed to finish it and send it off. I’m a sucker for the emotional stories, which is why I tend to write them, but at the same time they take a toll on me.

TNA: I know this is sort of like asking you to name your favorite child, but of all the books you’ve written, do you have a favorite? If so, which and why?

Lynley: If I were to pick a favorite book, I’d have to say, A Life Interrupted. I love the story and no matter how many times I read it, I cry every time. If I were to pick a favorite character, however, I would have to say Nathaniel from, Scars. What most people don’t know is, Nathaniel is actually based on a real person and because of that he will always hold a special place in my heart.

TNA: If you could bring one of your characters off the page and into the real world, who would you choose and why? What makes him (or her) someone you think would make an impression, either good or bad, upon the world?

Lynley: Okay, this is a hard one. Like I said, for me, Nathaniel is very real because he’s based on a real person. But I think I’d have to go with Landon. He’s a nurturer and has this need to care for others, yet at the same time he likes to be in charge. Landon has this steadiness about him, this confidence, which makes those around him feel cared for in a way that only Landon can do. There’s no doubt that Landon is the one in charge and yet he does it in a way that isn’t mean or abusive or overbearing. He’s almost gentle in his dominance.

TNA: What would you say are the best and worst parts of the writing process for you?

Lynley: The best part is the beginning. I love not knowing what’s going to happen and being able to make the journey right along with my character. The worst part for me is the end. I never know how to end a story, which could be why I have a lot of partially finished books and only a few finished ones.

TNA: Are you a plotter or a pantser? Whichever you are, why do you feel that method works best for you?

Lynley: I’m a pantser. When I sit down at the computer I have no idea what’s going to happen. Most of the time I have a character in my head and that’s it. If I’m lucky I might even know who they are going to end up with. (Like I did with Rocky’s Road) But that isn’t always the case.

I think being a pantser works for me because I love being surprised. I get bored easy and if I know what’s going to happen then it takes the fun out of writing it and I lose interest.

TNA: If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?

Lynley: I would want to be able to control time. The why should be obvious. As a writer there is never enough time in the day. I know that is true for a lot of non-writers as well, but I think it’s especially true for writers. Being able to pause time or speed it up would be great. You wouldn’t have to worry about meeting a deadline or waiting months to hear back about one of your submissions. So yeah, I’d want to control time.

TNA: If time travel were possible, where would you go and why?

Lynley: Candlestick Park in San Francisco, California, August 29, 1966. That was the time and place of the last concert the Beatles ever played. To have been able to see them play, live, for that final time would’ve been something to remember.

TNA: Would you care to share a little bit of information on any of your current WIPs?

Lynley: Well, as I said before, I’m working on the sequel to A Life Interrupted, which I’m pretty sure will be titled A New Beginning. I haven’t made a final decision yet on that title, so it may change. It will start a few months after A Life Interrupted ends.
I’m also working on Seth’s book. He’s a character that was introduced in Rocky’s Road. I don’t have a title for it yet.

The last time I checked I had somewhere around 250 WIPs, so I never know what I’m going to be working on or what book will be finished next. However, I do update my website weekly so anything new will be found on there.

TNA: And finally, would you kindly share with us all the places we can find you on the internet?

Lynley: Sure. You can find me at my website I do my best to keep it up to date and I always blog to let people know what’s going on with my writing and books. I’m also on Twitter: My Facebook fan page is: and my Facebook personal page is: You can also find me on Linkedin and Goodreads as Lynley Wayne. I love hearing from fans so don’t be afraid to email me either.
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TNA: Thanks again for taking some time away from your writing routine to be here with us today, Lynley. It’s been great getting to know a little bit more about you.


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Take A Trip Down “Rocky’s Road” To Love

“My new and improved Golden Rule: Dom unto others as you would have God Dom unto you.”– Michael Makai

Rocky has realized that he’s probably gay. He is twenty-four and has been denying his needs and desires for so long he can’t even be sure. He has never been with a man. He travels from Indiana to Maryland to help his brother Jace settle into a new home with his infant son and partner Nathaniel. Rocky plans to use his time in Maryland to explore his sexuality while away from the confines of home. He has four brothers and works on the family farm with them. The family accepted Jace’s coming out smoothly, but there were extenuating circumstances.
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