5 Stars, Audio Book, Dreamspinner Press, Narration Rating - 5 Stars, Paranormal Romance, Reviewed By Carrie, Tara Lain

Audio Review: Winter’s Wolf by Tara Lain – Narrated by Max Lehnen

Audio Gem

Title: Winter’s Wolf (Tales of the Harker Pack: Book Three

Author: Tara Lain

Narrator:: Max Lehnen

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Run Time: 8 Hours and 31 Minutes

At a Glance: The twists and turns in this book keep you guessing in a good way. No matter whether you are reading, or being read to, Winter’s Wolf is hard to put down.

Reviewed By: Carrie

Blurb: Winter Thane was raised on the two cardinal rules of werewolf existence: don’t reveal yourself to humans under penalty of death, and there’s no such thing as a gay werewolf. It’s no surprise when his father drags him from his wild life in remote Canada back to Connecticut to meet his old pack in hopes it will persuade Winter to abandon his love of sex with human males. Of course Dad’s hopes are dashed when they come face-to-face with the gay werewolves in the Harker pack.

Winter takes one look at FBI agent Matt Partridge and decides bird is his favorite food. Partridge is embroiled in an investigation into drug dealing and the death of a fellow agent. He can’t let himself get distracted by the young, platinum-haired beast, but then Winter proves invaluable in the search for clues, a move that winds them both up in chains and facing imminent death. Winter quickly learns his father’s motives are questionable, the pack alphas are a bunch of pussies, humans aren’t quite what they seem, and nothing in the forests of Connecticut is pure except love.


Review: I decided to do something different with this book – I downloaded the actual book and read along with the narrator. I am a fast reader and wasn’t sure how this was going to work, but I can wholeheartedly endorse the process after trying it. I truly enjoyed watching the words go by on the page as Max Lehnen read them aloud to me. This book has a more complex storyline than the others in the series, and as such, there was no skipping ahead or putting it down mid-read. This was an excellent book to listen to as well as read along with because you got a good and captivating story, which kept all your book-loving senses engaged.

Winter Thane is a wild, lone wolf. Raised in the wilds of Canada, he is still a baby by werewolf standards. Home schooled by his Alpha father, he has a brilliant mind to go with his alphanta body, and a keen moral compass and sense of self. When his father decides they must return to his father’s original pack in Connecticut, Winter’s solitary life is upended by what they find there. Not only is Winter faced with questioning everything his father has always taught him, but he comes up against drug dealers, a pack coup in the works, and an FBI agent who is more than what he seems.

Matt Partridge is proud of what he has accomplished in the FBI. He’s young for a field agent, but he’s smart and has worked hard to get where he has. Investigating a mysterious drug ring in his hometown in Connecticut is a little frustrating for him – until he meets Winter Thane, and then things start happening way too fast and intense. Winter is a wolf and he’s decided he wants partridge for dinner, but the harder Winter falls, the more elusive the FBI agent becomes.

Winter’s Wolf is a story about finding family, discovering family, and becoming family. In the end, Winter discovers that having mates you would live and die for is what pack is all about. Max Lehnen does a really good job with the narration on this one. I could hear the emotions in his voice as he narrated, and he brought the characters to life. I would definitely recommend the audio form of this book, by itself or in combination with the e-format. Reading along really helped me enjoy the audible even more.





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2.5 Stars, Audio Book, BDSM/Kink/Erotica, Dreamspinner Press, Narration Rating - 5 Stars, Reviewed By JJ, Sue Brown

Audio Review: Ed & Marchant by Sue Brown – Narrated by Max Lehnen

Title: Ed & Marchant (A Novella in Frankie’s Series)

Author: Sue Brown

Narrator:: Max Lehnen

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Run Time: 3 Hours and 59 Minutes

At a Glance: I really enjoyed the audio portion of Ed & Marchant, but I found it impossible to like the book when the main character, Ed, was so disagreeable.

Reviewed By: Johanis

Blurb: Ed Winters despises his job and hates everyone he works with—especially out and proud, happily in love Frankie Mason. He spends his days wishing he could dance, rather than work.

Late to go shopping one day, Ed ends up soaked in Marchant Belarus’s spilled Coke. Ed’s humiliation increases when Marchant, the owner of a BDSM club, realizes Ed is a sub, albeit a very closeted one. Marchant’s attempts to draw Ed out of his shell release years of pent-up anger and hurt over the abuse Ed’s mother and grandmother heaped on him.

Marchant is patient, but nothing he does seems to help until he discovers Ed’s secret love of dancing—a forbidden passion that might be the key to unlocking the confident, secure man Ed could be.


Review: Ed, a disgruntled and homophobic supervisor, has a chance encounter with Marchant, a dominant younger man who fascinates him. Marchant acts on their immediate attraction and tells Ed that he knows he is a gay submissive. Ed is appalled by Marchant’s accusation and continues to deny that he’s gay. Since Ed’s mother tried to beat the gay out of him as a child, Ed is very negative about his desires, and believes he’s a horrible deviant. Marchant eventually convinces Ed that this is not the case, and gets him to loosen up. Ed even goes as far as apologizing to a gay employee who he wronged in the past. When Ed and Marchant come together, Ed decides to quit his job and focus instead on dancing. After six months pass, Ed is ready to submit to Marchant and take on a submissive role in their relationship.

I really wanted to like this book, but I found it impossible to like it when the main character, Ed, was so disagreeable. Ed is a self-proclaimed homophobe who hates everyone and everything. Though I liked Marchant, I didn’t really understand why he would ever look twice at Ed. I also found it unrealistic that Marchant had one encounter with Ed and knew right away that Ed was a gay submissive. The next roadblock to my enjoyment of this book was that neither character seemed sexy in any way. Ed was a grouchy older man, and Marchant was a younger gentleman-type. Though the book had some sex scenes sprinkled in, I’m not sure whether the couple ever gets to the point of sleeping together. Although my interest in the characters was negligible, I was able to follow the story, and I never once felt that I had to stop reading. At one point, I actually started to like Ed, but then the book ended shortly afterward.

Narration: I really enjoyed the audio portion of this book. I think the reader did an excellent job, and I never once was taken away from the story due to the narration. As an additional note, this book was narrated in British English.



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4.5 Stars, Audio Book, Dreamspinner Press, Kim Fielding, Paranormal Romance, Reviewed by Kim

Audio Review: Night Shift by Kim Fielding – Narrated by Max Lehnen

Title: Night Shift

Author: Kim Fielding

Narrator:: Max Lehnen

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Run Time: 3 Hours, 20 Minutes

At a Glance: This was a fun audiobook to listen to, and Max Lehnen gave an excellent performance

Blurb: Aside from a sympathetic parole officer, Aiden Finn is alone in the world. He knows this is his last chance—after a lifetime in and out of prison, one more mistake will land him there to stay. Unfortunately, his job as a night custodian at a motel is neither satisfying nor good for building his confidence, and booze and burglary are always just a step behind him.

Enter beautiful, exotic, and secretive Luka Gabor, the motel’s new security guard. He seems to know a great deal about literature, history, and travel but otherwise remains a mystery. Aiden has to admit, the sex has never been better, and he might even be feeling the beginnings of friendship. He dares to hope that this time, he won’t mess things up—if lurking monsters don’t ruin his plans.


Review: I’ve yet to read anything by Kim Fielding that I didn’t like, or love, and Night Shift is another winner for me.

Aiden is the night custodian at the Snooze Inn motel. Most nights are monotonous, except for the occasional drunk who vomits on the motel floor to highlight the evening. Aiden has his fair share of problems, like being an ex-con and doing his best not to listen to the monster in his head that whispers how badly Aiden needs to have a drink.

His parole officer, Ms. Simmons, is a no nonsense type of person who is Aiden’s only link to becoming a better person and staying out of trouble. And prison. Aiden is trying so hard this time around to improve himself, and Ms. Simmons gives him assignments she’d like him to do which go beyond the call of duty. You could tell she was on Aiden’s side and was hoping that he’d make it on the outside. I fell a little bit in love with Aiden as I learned more about him.

Luka Gabor is new to the night shift, filling in for the previous security guard, who is out due to a heart attack. Luka is much easier on the eyes than the guard he’s replaced, so Aiden takes him up on his offer to meet during their breaks, even though socializing with others is not one of Aiden’s strong points. And, well, things do get pretty interesting for Aiden during break time. Luka is a man with a secret. Let’s put it this way: he has an interesting way of getting his daily sustenance, a first for me since I’ve never read or heard of this before.

This was a fun audiobook to listen to, and Max Lehnen gives an excellent performance in Night Shift. Thank you, Kim Fielding and Dreamspinner Press, for taking the time to find this talented narrator. I’m looking forward to listening to more audio performances by Mr. Lehnen.

Night Shift, both the print and audio edition, are highly recommend to those who like a touch of reality with their paranormal. The book would have worked as a contemporary, without the paranormal elements, based solely on Aiden’s situation, but the hint of the paranormal made it an even more interesting read. Nicely done, Ms. Fielding.

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