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Guest Post and Giveaway: The My Hero: The Olympian Blog Tour with Max Vos


Please join us in welcoming author Max Vos to The Novel Approach today on the tour for his newest novel My Hero: The Olympian. Enjoy Max’s guest post, and then be sure to click on the Rafflecopter widget below to enter for the chance to win some books.

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Howdy y’all. A great big thanks to Lisa and those at The Novel Approach for letting me drop in today.

I wanted to say a little something about my newest release, My Hero: The Olympian. It is the sequel to My Hero. Johnny and Rich are back at it, this time as an established couple, something a bit different. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a book that tackles a pair that are already together.

This one picks up right where the first one left off. Although this is a standalone novel, it does help to have read the first one. Having that history behind these two, and what they went through to be together would make it a better read I do believe.

Of course, being young college men, they love food and sex and will often combine the two. For those of you who have read My Hero, you’ll understand. Yes, they are at it again.

As in the first book, the secondary characters are there and a few new ones. I do love my back up folks in a book. To me they just add depth and are always good for a laugh and good times. Not a lot of angst here, but enough to keep things interesting.

As you can tell by the excerpt, there is always a little mischief with these two. I hope you’ll take the time to get to know these two. They are a lot of fun to be around.

Thanks again for letting me bend your ear,



TheOlympian_FSTITLE: My Hero: The Olympian
SERIES: My Hero Series #2
LENGTH: 129,600 words approx
RELEASE DATE: November 15, 2015
BLURB: After a romantic evening, Rich and Johnny face the light of day as a couple. Johnny’s coming out forces them to face some serious repercussions as the world of collegian jocks adjust to their first openly gay football player.

Rich is still working towards the World Diving Championships with his hopes and dreams set on the 2012 London Olympic Games, while as a couple they deal with concerns closer to home.

With the support of friends and family, the young couple grow closer together, but with prejudices and adversity at every turn will Johnny and Rich be able to tackle the world together?

No matter what, Rich will always be Johnny’s hero.

Buy LinksAmazon US || Amazon UK


Excerpt: “No, I’m not going to and there is nothing you can say that will make me either.” Johnny crossed his arms, a defiant look on his face, his eyes narrowed slits.

“Oh come on, John, I wear them.” Rich held up the skimpy black racing briefs. “For me?”

Johnny looked away. “No. I said no and I mean no.”

Rich leaned in close to Johnny so only he could hear. “If you wear this, I can guarantee you some of the best sex in your life. If you think I get turned on by jock straps…”

Johnny glared down at Rich. “You don’t play fair.”

“Wasn’t it you who recently said that all is fair in love and war?” Rich smirked as he dangled the tiny briefs in front of Johnny.

“It better be the best ever.” Johnny let his arms drop. “Okay. But you promised.”

Again, Rich leaned in close. “Maybe even join the mile high club.”

Johnny’s eyebrows shot up and a grin blossomed on his face. “Deal.”

“Are we done here?” Dan called to the two college men. He was standing at the counter, credit card in hand.

“One more thing, Dad.” Rich hurried over to him. “This.”

Dan raised his eyebrows slightly. “Oookay then.”

Rich snickered when he saw Johnny blushing.

“I think this will be all,” Dan said to the clerk.

“I’m going to give you a discount,” the young woman said as she rang it up. “It isn’t every day that we can say an Olympian wore some of our gear.”

“I’m not an Olympian yet,” Rich commented.

“Rich Miller, I’ve known you my entire life, and if anyone is going to be an Olympian, it’s you.” Michelle Stubbon smiled at Rich as she started putting the pile of swimsuits, track suits, shorts, and other things that he and Johnny needed for London in a bag.

“Thanks, Michelle. I appreciate the confidence everyone has in me.”

“Just remember us lowly folk when you come home with Olympic gold,” she laughed as she handed Dan the receipt.


Max VosAbout the Author: Max Vos is the bestselling author of My Hero. He is loved by his readers for his ‘inappropriate’ side, bringing hot and steamy sex to his writing. Not hemmed in by a single genre Max has the ability to woo you with sweet romance, move you with the power of his words and make you question your definition of love.

Having retired in 2011 after more than 30 years as a chef, Max turned his creativity to writing. You can always find wonderful Southern charm, well rounded and vibrant characters with a good meaty story line in a Max Vos book. Each book will give you something new and amazing to love.

::  Facebook  ::  Twitter  ::  Website  ::  Blog  ::  Google+  ::


Winner’s Prize: E-copies of My Hero and My Hero: The Olympian

Runner Up’s Prize: E-copy of My Hero: The Olympian

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A Sneak Peek At The Coming Week

Here’s a Sneak Peek at the Coming Week

Sneak Peek

Cheers, fellow fictionistas, and welcome back to another look at what we have coming in the week ahead! We’ve got a busy one coming up, with lots of great guests, giveaways, and reviews in store, so here’s what you’ll see in the upcoming seven days!


Monday – We’re kicking off this week with authors Santino Hassell, Damon Suede, and Karen Stivali on their #NYCDreamer tour to talk about their new and upcoming novels: Sunset Park, Pent Up, and Moment of Silence

We’ll also have author Cardeno C. with us on a book blast promo tour for the re-release of In Your Eyes

Finally, author Lynley Wayne will be back with the final installment of her three part column on creating a more effective website

Tuesday – Stopping in today we have author Lynn Lorenz touring the interwebs on a Backlist Book Tour

We’ll also have author Scarlet Blackwell with us on the tour for her new book Forbidden

Wednesday – Today we’ll have author April Kelley joining us on the tour for her new book Leave It All

We’ll also have author Talia Carmichael back with a guest post for The Prose Speak

Thursday – Author Keira Andrews joins us today on the tour for her new holiday book If Only in My Dreams

We’ll also be hosting author Max Vos on the tour for his new novel My Hero: The Olympian

Friday – Today we’ll have author RJ Scott with us on the tour for her novel Love’s Design

We’ll also have a new installment of DSP Publications’ “Genre Talk” with authors Carole Cummings and BA Brock

Saturday – Author Rhys Ford stops by today to close out the tour of her new novel Fish Stick Fridays

Sunday – And finally, closing out the week we’ll have author Christina Lee joining us on the tour for her new novel The Deepest Blue


And that does it for this week. Until next time, happy reading!

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Guest Post and Giveaway: The My Hero Audiobook Tour with Max Vos

Max Vos Tour Banner

Happy Saturday, everyone, and thank you for joining us as we welcome author Max Vos to The Novel Approach on his My Hero audiobook tour.

Enjoy Max’s guest post, then be sure to click on the Rafflecopter widget below, where you can enter for the chance to win a whole slew of great prizes, including an audio copy of this book, an e-copy of My Hero, OR an e-copy of a book from Max’s backlist.

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I’d like to thank Lisa for lettin’ me join y’all today.

On September 29, 2013 I released my first full length novel, My Hero. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect the attention that this book got and is getting still. The reason I’m here is to tell you about the audiobook that was released last week.

Almost three years ago I had this idea of writing about football. It was the beginning of summer practice and the Olympics were on, so I kind of combined the two. Putting a young college football jock together with a diver was different enough to put a new twist on it I thought.

I did use a lot of personal stuff in this book. It is based where I grew up and with people I knew from way back when. Most of the characters in this book are based on real people. Some names are actually real as are many of the places mentioned, like Big Ed’s pizza. I still visit when I go back. I think that Johnny Milloway was my first real live crush.

This is my first foray into the audio world. I figured why not. It was interesting to say the least. I’m not very technical. To be honest, I’m a technological nightmare. I’m lucky to be able to turn a computer on, so doing this was a big challenge for me.

My adventure started last October when I decided to jump in with both feet. Little did I know… The process was… interesting.

The first thing I did was open the book up to auditions. That proved to be arduous at best. I swear, there were some auditions that made my ears bleed. There was one guy that sounded really good, but he backed out because he was also a sports announcer and was a little afraid someone might find out. I guess I can understand that.

It was then that a friend turned me onto Jared Bradford. Now I knew of him, but had no idea he had this wonderful voice. He did an audition and blew me away. The rest as they say is history. He brought my book to life.

There were times while listening to the proofs when I thought ‘Wow, I actually wrote that?’. I think it gave me an entirely new perspective on the book. It also got me more enthused about writing the sequel, which is now almost done.

I think what I brought away from this whole experience is that I got to hear these characters brought to life from someone else’s perspective. While they are the characters I had in my head, Jared gave a new freshness and vibrancy that I’d not seen before.

If you’ve read My Hero, I highly suggest you give the audiobook a listen. I think you may also come away from the story with a new viewpoint, which was the case with me. If you’ve not, then you can get both at a discounted rate on Amazon.

Happy reading (and listening).


Max Vos Audio CoverTitle: My Hero

Author: Max Vos

Run Time: 6 hours and 3 minutes

Narrator: Jared Bradford

Publisher: Max Vos, Inc.

Blurb: This is a gay male romance with explicit sexual situations between men.

When he was 16 years old, Rich Miller saved a young man from drowning at his local pool. Little did he know that years later, as a senior in college and Olympic diving hopeful, Rich would meet up once again with Johnny Milloway, now a big football player – and when Rich says big, he really means “bear”. The shy jock remembers his saviour, and the two men become friends.

Johnny isn’t put off by the fact that Rich is gay. In fact, the more time he spends with Rich, the more curious he becomes. Johnny wants to know all kinds of things – what it’s like to kiss a guy, for instance. Only it doesn’t stop there…

Rich finds it difficult to believe that this relationship can go anywhere. Johnny is straight, and Rich isn’t prepared to deal with the heartache he knows will come his way in the future. He has enough on his plate as it is – the worlds are just around the corner. His father would rather watch a football game than spend time watching his son dive. What he doesn’t count on is Johnny, who can be very determined. And having Johnny in his life proves to be a catalyst for some pretty earth-shattering changes.

©2014 Max Vos, Inc.; (P)2015 Max Vos, Inc.

Buy Links: Audible || Amazon || iTunes


Watch the Trailer:


About the Author: Max Vos is a classically trained chef with over 30 years of food service experience. After retiring in 2011, Max found himself with time on his hands and was urged to turn his talents to writing. ‘Cooking English’, a short story, was his first published work, and has four other short stories currently in publication with Ravenous Romance. His first novel, My Hero was a number one best seller on Amazon. He continues to challenge himself with varying topics, from Marine Vampires to taboo subjects. The one thing you will always be guaranteed to find in his writing is hard, gritty, man-on-man sex.

Max loves hearing from readers. You can keep up with him by reading his weekly blog posts on his own Blog Page, or his Facebook Page, Email him at


About the Narrator: Jared Bradford has been a nation-wide gay nightlife icon, actor, go-go dancer, singer, model, classically-trained pianist, yogi, and educator in physics and mathematics. He is originally from Louisiana, but now lives very happily in New York City with his partner of three and half years, Seth Fornea, and adorable Chihuahua, Miley. As a debut narrator and producer, Jared is proud to present his performance of My Hero as his first introduction to the audiobook world.

Jared has always had a strong interest in music and the theater and has starred in several productions of plays and musicals including Hay Fever, Old Wicked Songs, The Exonerated, Godspell, and A Grand Night for Singing. He also recently portrayed Chandler in the daytime web series La Fleur de Mai. Now, he is delighted to be able to bring his interests in music recording and acting together to produce quality audiobooks.

Like most, Jared loves to enjoy life, and always tries to find the FUN in everything. If you have the chance to see him twerking it on a box somewhere around the world, don’t be shy and come say hi! Connect with Jared online at Facebook, Twitter, Sound Cloud, or email Jared at



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A Sneak Peek At The Coming Week

Here’s a Sneak Peek at the Coming Week

Sneak Peek

Cheers, everyone, and many thanks to you for popping in to see who and what we have coming up for you in the next six days. We have a great lineup of authors set to visit with us this week, so I hope you’ll come back to spend some time with us.

Here’s what’s on tap!


Monday – Kicking off the week, we welcome author Z. Allora, with a chat about the re-release of book one in her Club Zombies series, Zombies Ahead

We’ll also have author Chris McHart joining us today, on the Alex’s Surprise/Saving Alex blog Tour

Tuesday – Today we’ll be bringing author Katey Hawthorne your way, on the tour for her new book Back to the Sky

Wednesday – We kick off the day today with author Silvia Violet, our next guest on the Countdown to GayRomLit blog tour

Author Lloyd A. Meeker will also be stopping in to talk to you a bit about his new novel from Wilde City Press, Blood & Dirt

ThursdaySkylar M. Cates joins us today on the tour for her new book Lovers, Losers, and You

FridayCJane Elliott drops in today to tell us a bit about her new novel Sex, Love, and Videogames

We’ll also have K.A. Mitchell popping in with an interview for her new novel Put a Ring on It

Saturday – Finally, to close out our week, we’ll have Max Vos with us on the tour for his new audiobook My Hero


And that does it for the week ahead. Until next time, happy reading!

5 Stars, Max Vos, Reviewed by Tina, Self-Published

Hot Vampire Sex Is The Name Of The Game In Max Vos’ “The V Unit” – Reviewed by Tina

“They obviously weren’t trying to recruit us, which was sort of a shame. I imagined a full unit of vampire soldiers and I got a little giddy, and distracted. Bad idea, maybe. But it’d be epic, wouldn’t it?” ― Cherie Priest

Title: The V Unit

Author: Max Vos

Publisher: Self-Published

Pages/Word Count: 232 Pages

Rating: 5 Stars

Blurb: Only a select few in the human world knew of the existence of the V-Unit, a small group of highly trained Marines – who happened to be vampires.
Continue reading

Max Vos, Self-Published

Max Vos And “The V Unit” Tour Stop In For A Visit And A Giveaway

Howdy y’all. Thanks for letting come for a visit.

I’ve been asked how The V Unit came about. So sit back. Kick your shoes off and I’ll tell ya.

In September of 2012, I was just starting out. I’d had one short story published and didn’t know the first thing about writing. The friend who pushed me into writing wanted me to do a NaNo writing challenge with her. Now for those who don’t know what NaNo is, it is a group of people who want to write a book and need motivation. The challenge is to write an entire novel in thirty days.
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A Sneak Peek At The Coming Week, A.J. Corza, Bey Deckard, Chase Potter, Devon McCormack, HAHAT Blog Tour, Hunter Frost, JP Kenwood, K.C. Wells, Max Vos

Here’s A Sneak Peek At The Coming Week

Hi, everyone, and welcome back! We’ve got more great guests and interviews coming up, and we’re also playing host, for our third consecutive year, to the Hop Against Homophobia and Transphobia. If you’ve never followed along on this tour before, make sure to check out the list of all the participating authors/bloggers/publishers. It’s an informative and uplifting experience. Add to that some more giveaways and reviews, and it’s shaping up to be a great time.

Here’s the complete rundown on what we’ve got on tap for the week ahead.

MondayJP Kenwood kicks off the week with her historical novel Dominus, as well as an interview and giveaway

TuesdayKC Wells is our guest today on the Love Lessons Learned Blog Tour. She sat down to answer a few questions for us, so make sure to stay tuned for that, as well as a tour-wide giveaway

WednesdayMax Vos stops in on his V Unit Blog Tour, and there’ll also be a tour-wide giveaway for you

A.J. Corza’s back today with another installment of Got You Covered

ThursdayDevon McCormack is dropping by to do give us the lowdown on his book Clipped, and he’s offering a giveaway

FridayChase Potter is our guest on the blog tour for his new book The Race for Second, and there’s a giveaway

SaturdayThe Hop Against Homophobia and Transphobia kicks off with a special guest post from my friend B. Addler, who talks about something that’s not in the tour title but is no less prevalent, Biphobia

Hunter Frost is also with us today to talk about her story in Torquere Press’ upcoming Men in Uniform anthology, and she’ll also be offering a giveaway

SundayBey Deckard is our guest today with an interview that makes me want to hoist the Jolly Roger and parlay on the poop deck! I dunno… it sounded good. Bey’s also offering a giveaway of his book Caged: Love and Treachery on the High Seas, so stay tuned

And that rounds out the week ahead. Until next week, happy reading!

All Romance Ebooks, Max Vos

What Are The Holidays Without “A Christmas Memory”?

“Reflect upon your present blessings–of which every man has many–not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.”–Charles Dickens

Max Vos has blogged about his creative process. He says he starts with the seed of a story, then looks for character inspiration. Next he fleshes out the characters and lets them pretty much tell him the story they want written. In this, Max gives all the credit for his great writing to the characters, while not acknowledging his own wonderful talent.

This method produces a much more free-flowing, stream of consciousness style of writing. It doesn’t seem to be forced into the pre-conceived outline many authors work with. The characters’ telling of the story is Max’s way of allowing his imagination to flow directly on to the page through his fingers. It makes for a comfortable feeling while reading his work. Max doesn’t take enough credit for his talent. Regardless of whether or not he feels the characters control the story, those characters and their stories come from his brain, his heart and his gut. He is just allowing them to get to our e-readers in the most direct way possible.
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Max Vos, MLR Press

Max Vos Takes No Prisoners In “P.O.W.”

“All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope.” — Winston Churchill

P.O.W. is a major departure from Max Vos’s most recent bestseller My Hero. I knew it would be, so I wasn’t surprised. Other readers may have been, but I thought both Max and MLR were very diligent in their advisory warnings. In effect, they turn readers away, so you know the publisher only puts them there if they contain really important information to be considered when deciding whether or not to buy the book.

My Uncle Bob (he has since died, so I can use his real name) was a P.O.W. in Vietnam. He came home a damaged, broken and bitter man. He immediately crawled into a bottle of whiskey and never came back out. He died from cancer caused by Agent Orange that his own government dumped on him and told him was harmless. He never, and I mean never, talked about what he experienced for those seven months. I saw some scars once when he was living with us, but I was too young to put everything together until long after his death. I wish I had been a few years older so I could have understood what happened to him and tried to talk to him.
Continue reading

Max Vos

Max Vos Is Here To Chat A Little And To Give Away Some Free Reads!

TNA: Hi, Max, thanks so much for being here with us today. We are so excited to be part of the release of your newest book, P.O.W.

Why don’t we start out with you telling us a little bit about yourself?

MV: Currently I live alone in Atlanta, GA with my dog Scarlet.

I was in the food industry for over 30 years. During that time I went to culinary school, where I got a degree in Culinary Arts and Food Science.

I was a Chef for years until I was forced to retire due to health reasons. My feet and knees finally gave out. Lord knows, I sure did wear this poor old body out.

TNA: Was there someone who inspired and encouraged you to begin writing creatively?

MV: A friend of a friend asked if I would help by beta reading for a woman who was writing a book that had a M/M couple and a sex scene in it. We became fast friends during that time.
She turned me on to a few books and after I read them, she encouraged me to start writing. I guess that’s where things stand at the moment. I’m surprised the poor woman has any hair left! Love you, Susan.

TNA: Why did you start writing M/M romance?

MV: Write what you know, right? With a lot of time on my hands I started reading a lot more. It had been awhile since I had read a M/M book and when I started picking up a few, I discovered some that were really good and others that were just dogs. That’s when Susan, the friend who got me started, convinced me I could do this. It still feels odd for me to call myself an author. Never in a thousand years would I have ever considered writing as a second career before I retired. What really gets me is when someone says they’re a fan of mine. That really gets me. I’m just me. Hell, I’ll talk to just about anyone.

TNA: What is the perfect writing atmosphere for you?

MV: I have a small office where I live with a window that overlooks a parking lot. I guess I could write just about anywhere. Most of the time, my surroundings disappear when I’m really into the story.

TNA: Tell the readers a little bit about your writing process. I know you are an early riser (blech), is that when your creativity is at its best?

MV: LOL, yes I’m an early riser. For years when I was in charge of Garde Manger in a hotel where I had to be AT work at 5 a.m. Been getting up early ever since. I like it when the world is quiet and I can have a leisurely cup of coffee.

I have that cup of coffee in front of the computer, a continuing old habit I had when I worked in food service. I’ll get the morning news on TV and watch the sun rise. Now I’ve added my morning chat sessions with K.c. Wells as part of my routine.

After that I’m off to the races.

I start with characters. I will have seen or heard something that sparked my interest. Sometimes it will remind me of a person or place. For me, it’s all about the characters. I do a full character development before I actually start writing the story. So I get to know them before I start writing—they’re already talking to me by the time I start.

TNA: Your first GRL is coming up very soon. What are your feelings about being a published author by whom many will be star struck, but also meeting your own favorite authors and being star struck yourself?

MV: OMG, I don’t even know where to start. When I registered I had one little short story out and a few anthologies, nothing much. I basically just wanted to go and hang out with people that I’d been able to meet on FB.

Now? I’m more than a little freaked out. First off I’ve had three books that have hit the best sellers list and MLR is releasing my first piece with a major publisher during GRL. Yeah, I’m shaking in my….well not wearing boots at the moment, so just shaking at the thought of it.

AND on top of all that I’m going to be meeting some really great authors that I admire. I just hope I don’t turn into a total blithering idiot!

TNA: Tell us a little bit about the special, invitation only event you have planned during GRL. Will photographic evidence of bad behavior be available on your blog?

MV: LOL Well, the whole idea came to me when some of my favorite people were going to be in town and I wanted to get them away from GRL so I could spend a little time partying with them. I decided to take them to one of my favorite hang outs, Bliss of Atlanta. It also happens to be the closest gay bar to my house. Bliss also happens to be an all-male all nude-strip club.

So I talked to the manager there and she said she would do something very special for my group, like waving the cover charge and stuff. She’s a fun lady. So, now there is quite the group going. I can’t wait!

TNA: How much input do you have in the design of your book covers?

MV: Quite a bit actually. I usually get a rough draft and then it progresses. With P.O.W. it was really a case of trial and error but I love the finished product. My Hero blew me away. A.j. Corza has to be one of the great hidden talents when it comes to book covers. She did My Hero practically overnight and it was perfect right from the start. I was so lucky to have stumbled onto her. We’ve also become great friends, and working with her is a total joy!

TNA: Which part of writing P.O.W. gave you the most satisfaction?

MV: The ending. It was a tough road for all the main characters, but they survived and were a family after that. I hope that I was able to convey the love they all felt for each other.

TNA: What was your inspiration for writing about this particular topic?

MV: I started this story with an abstract idea that really didn’t congeal until I saw a news report on CNN by Anderson Cooper. He was doing a story on the Syrian Civil War and part of that report was the reports of how some were being tortured. I found out while doing a bit of research that sexual torture was quite common, especially in the Middle East. I was very shocked that very little reporting was ever done on this. It has clearly been swept under the rug. After that, the story wrote itself.

TNA: Of all the characters you’ve created, do you have a favorite? If so, who and why?

MV: My all-time favorite character? Wow, that’s hard to say. I think one I had the most fun with was Marie in Anything For You, Sir. She is a combination of so many women I know. All are so strong and true to themselves and their own culture.

TNA: Are any of your characters based on real people you have known? If so, are you willing to give us any details?

MV: ALL of my characters are based on real people in some way or another. I’ll take a piece from one and stick it on another sometimes. I love to people watch, always have. If feeds my voyeuristic fetish.

In My Hero, there are two very real characters in that book. All I’m sayin’ on that one.

TNA: What has been the high point of your writing career so far?

MV: The highpoint of my writing career are the wonderful people that I’ve met so far. By far that is the most amazing thing about this whole writing thing.

TNA: How would you describe your sense of humor? What makes you laugh?

MV: All kinds of things make me laugh. I have a bit of a dry, twisted, off the wall sense of humor. It doesn’t take much to get me to laugh.

TNA: Conversely, what makes you cry?

MV: The mistreatment of children and animals. It kills me when I hear about children being dumped on the side of the road because they are perceived as gay. An animal has no defenses whatsoever and that just kills me.

TNA: If life really were like “The Breakfast Club” (and let’s face it, we all know that it is), which character would you be?

MV: Never saw it. Next.

TNA: Would you care to share a little bit of information on any of your current WIPs?

MV: I have like ten! Bits and pieces stuck here and there. The one that I’m really trying to get polished up is a vampire story, which I swore I’d never write but did on a dare. It was during NaNo last year. I wrote the whole thing in about three weeks. Now…I felt that the whole vampire thing was way over done and I didn’t like most of them. I read Lestat when it first came out, and I thought well, that’s it. You can’t top that one.

So I decided I would take the challenge and see if I couldn’t put a new twist on it. I think I may have accomplished that. I mean, who doesn’t like Marines, right?

TNA: Would you like share an excerpt from P.O.W. with us?

MV: Sure.



“Mayday, Mayday, Black Hammer is hit; I repeat: Mayday, Black Hammer is hit. We’re going down.” Bucky’s voice may have seemed calm to an outsider, but those who knew him understood he was anything but calm. “Mayday, Mayday. Black Hammer’s current location: thirty-three Lat by seventy Long. Repeat. Mayday, Mayday.” Bucky choked out as the cabin of the helicopter quickly filled with smoke.
Samuel J. Stone looked at the other five members of his team. “Fuck,” he mumbled, wondering if perhaps they weren’t going to make it out of this one. He yelled at his best friend Benoit. “After all the fucked-up shit we’ve been through, I’m not gonna fucking die splattered on the side of some mountain in this hellhole.”

“Vasquez, get that damn door open,” Stone yelled across the cabin to the other Marine.

“Gettin’ it, Stone,” Vasquez answered his lieutenant.

Stone opened the opposite door, letting some of the thick smoke billow out of the burning helicopter. He and his fellow Marine, Benoit, looked out the open door. They could tell they were going down fast.
“We’re still too high to jump,” Stone yelled at the others trapped in the flaming bird.

“If there was anywhere to fucking jump to,” Benoit yelled back.

Even with both side doors open, the cold winter wind whipping through the cabin, the acrid black smoke continued to surge in, making their eyes burn, their chests constrict with the lack of breathable air. There was a bitter taste in Stone’s mouth from inhaling the foulness of burning rubber and jet fuel.
Using hand signals to keep from yelling to be heard, Stone motioned for Vasquez and the two others to use the door they had just opened to escape through, while he and Benoit and the new kid, Saundersen, would use the one opposite.

The high-pitched scream of the rotor motor was loud enough to pierce the ear-protection headphones, making it nearly impossible to speak. Each man could barely hear Bucky still calling out a Mayday over the radio, through the headsets.


Thanks so much for being here with us today, Max. It’s been great fun!


All Romance Ebooks, Max Vos, Self-Published

Max Vos’s “My Hero” Is A Friends To Lovers Romance

“[Heroes] rarely turn into heroes because they are super-humans, but because of circumstances. Heroes rarely think. Heroes just act.” – Aleksandr Voinov

BLURB: When he was sixteen years old, Rich Miller saved a young man from drowning at his local pool. Little did he know that years later, as a senior in college and Olympic diving hopeful, Rich would meet up once again with Johnny Milloway, now a big football player – and when Rich says big, he really means ‘bear’. The shy jock remembers his savior, and the two men become friends.

Johnny isn’t put off by the fact that Rich is gay. In fact, the more time he spends with Rich, the more curious he becomes. Johnny wants to know all kinds of things – what it’s like to kiss a guy, for instance. Only it doesn’t stop there…

Rich finds it difficult to believe that this relationship can go anywhere. Johnny is straight, and Rich isn’t prepared to deal with the heartache he knows will come his way in the future. He has enough on his plate as it is – the Worlds are just around the corner, his father would rather watch a football game than spend time watching his son dive… What he doesn’t count on is Johnny, who can be very determined. And having Johnny in his life proves to be a catalyst for some pretty earth-shattering changes.
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All Romance Ebooks, Max Vos, Self-Published

In Which “Sasquatch” Finds A Mate

“I don’t know the question, but sex is definitely the answer.” ― Woody Allen

Sasquatch starts out with Jack celebrating his TGIF at the local Oyster Bar. This is not a bar where most gay men would find themselves out for drinks. Jack was just redneck enough where he didn’t care. Jack just wanted to have a beer to beat the heat and get some dinner since it was so hot. While Jack is finishing up his first beer the roar of a Harley pulling into the lot catches his attention. Turns out Dave, aka Sasquatch, a six foot six muscled biker has arrived. Jack knows Dave from high school and he is his closest neighbor. Dave was very intimidating at first sight, but he is actually very quiet and rarely speaks unless spoken to. That changes when Lonnie Cahill arrives at the oyster bar and outs Jack in spectacular fashion. After some rather nasty comments Dave “kindly” escorts Lonnie out and has a drink with Jack before rejoining his buddies. It seems Jack found support from unlikely places.

The next day Jack has a date coming over, Luiz is a hot latino Jack has been seeing. Mostly for hot sex, but Jack is trying to find out if there could be more. After dinner the two men are making out heavily on the couch when Dave shows up saying Mandy, his live-in girlfriend, has kicked him out. There is no way Jack can turn Dave away after he helped him the day before, besides they are friends, you help friends out. Jack and Luiz head to bed and Dave heads to the spare room. After Dave catches an eyeful, and Luiz catches a mouthful of Dave, the three men end up spending the night exploring the limits of their bodies. Luiz then wakes up mad about a threesome he started and Jack has had enough and tells him not to come back.

Expecting Dave to have regrets the next morning, Jack is pleasantly surprised to find out Dave just might have found the very thing he wasn’t even aware he was looking for. The two men end up finding a way, and it just works for them. They find that the people that matter don’t mind and the ones that mind truly don’t matter. Jack and Dave are happy and that is all that matters to them.

Now Max Vos does write with the hearts and flowers, but his stories are also very, very smexy. They are not for the faint of heart. However, if you like the down and dirty with large, muscular hairy men that are into some hot and heavy kink, this is definitely the story for you. Even with the kink, Max gives us the feels and the HEA. I would say the only way this story could have better would be if it was longer. This is definitely a book to keep on the “kink” shelf and I loved every second of it.

Reviewed by: Jackie

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