Hunter Frost, Torquere Press

Hunter Frost Is Here Today With Her Men In Uniform And A Giveaway

image (2)I confess. I have a thing for men in uniform. Always have. I ogle smokin’ hot firemen, gape at military hunks in camouflage, and drool over sexy police officers whenever they cross my path. It must be an innate response to all that luscious man-flesh wrapped in a freshly pressed package. But don’t think for a moment that my fondness ends with the big three; I find waiters, mechanics, mailmen, and many other service professionals just as appealing.

So it was a given that I set my sights on Torquere Press’ Men in Uniform anthology. I knew from the start I wanted to represent the everyday heroes that help make our day-to-day lives run a little smoother, since the men in those thankless jobs rarely get the respect they deserve. I chose to write about the highly underrated UPS man. How could we possibly neglect the fine men talented enough to deliver the goods and turn heads in their uniforms?
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