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How “Soaring” Took Off – A Guest Post And Giveaway From Michael Bracken And Cleis Press

268149_2261498423256_6153149_nI’m just old enough to have been born when there were only 48 United States, and the world I was born into is not the world I live in today. Society is changing—too fast for some of us, not fast enough for others—and things that were once taboo, hidden behind locked doors and spoken of only in hushed whispers, are now displayed in public and are part of our common discourse.

The repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is one of those changes, and when editor Neil Plakcy asked me to write a story for Active Duty, an anthology of erotic stories about the repeal’s impact on the military, I knew I wanted to be a part of his project because of the subject. Continue reading

4 Stars, Christa Tomlinson, Reviewed by Tina, Self-Published

You’ll Want To Claim Christa Tomlinson’s “The Sergeant” – Reviewed by Tina

“You’re the only one I want to control. The only one whose submission I want, need, and crave with every part of me, every second of every day.” – Christa Tomlinson

Title: The Sergeant

Author: Christa Tomlinson

Publisher: Self-Published

Pages/Word Count: 426 Pages

Rating: 4 Stars

Blurb: Sergeant Logan Pierce: Head of Houston’s elite SWAT team. He leads his squad with cool efficiency, taking down rough criminals while keeping his team safe. But behind closed doors he sets a darker part of himself free. He’s a Dominant in the world of Bondage and Domination. As a Dom, he’s controlled many submissives, but never had one for his own. That’s because there’s only one man he wants: Corporal Clay Foster.
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Christa Tomlinson

Christa Tomlinson Joins Us Today To Talk About “The Sergeant”, And There’s A Giveaway

Hello, and thank you for having me on the The Novel Approach today. My name is Christa Tomlinson and I’ve just released my second erotic romance, The Sergeant. In many ways it can be considered my first. There was a lot I didn’t know my first time around. In addition, I published The Sergeant myself, rather than going through a publisher, so it was an entirely different process. I had to find my own editors and cover artists, rather than relying on that being done for me.

I’ve wanted to write romance ever since my older sister let me read some of her historical romance novels. I don’t remember the first one I read, but I do know I was immediately hooked. When I finished each book I’d read the back cover to learn a little about the author. In no time I had Johanna Lindsey’s image and bio memorized. I’d often wonder what it was like to write in Hawaii. I never found out, because I didn’t really know how to contact her and ask. When I was a little older I realized that I could send her and other authors fan mail. Many of their biographies ended with something along the lines of …loves to hear from her readers. But I wasn’t much of a letter writer so I never did.
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Lazy Day Publishing, Liz Borino, Reviewed by Lynn

A Betrayal Is Revealed In Liz Borino’s “Angel’s Truth” – Reviewed by Lynn

“Those who are closest to you, always betray you first.” ― Susan Speranza

Title: Angel’s Truth (Angel #2)

Author: Liz Borino

Publisher: Lazy Day Publishing

Pages/Word Count: 64 Pages

Rating: 5 Stars

Blurb: “Freeze or I’ll shoot!” Aaron yelled and aimed the gun at Jordan’s chest.
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Lazy Day Publishing, Liz Borino, Reviewed by Lynn

Lynn Says Liz Borino’s “Angel’s Hero” Is A Highly Recommended Read

“If you are going through hell, keep going.” ― Winston Churchill

Title: Angel’s Hero (Angels, #1)

Author: Liz Borino

Publisher: Lazy Day Publishing

Pages/Word Count: 79 Pages

Rating: 5 Stars

Blurb: CIA Agent Aaron “Angel” Collins doesn’t take many things on faith. He trusts his gut, his eyes, and his husband, Jordan, an Army Captain. When his commanding officers deliver news of Jordan’s death, Aaron needs proof. The facts don’t add up, and Aaron must decide if he can trust Major General Troy Hart to assist in his quest to discover the truth.
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Lazy Day Publishing, Liz Borino

How About A Little Taste of Angel From Liz Borino?

Liz is going to be our guest on Saturday, March 15th, but to whet your appetites just a bit, she’s giving us a little teaser from her novel Angel’s Hero. Enjoy!

Blurb: CIA Agent Aaron “Angel” Collins doesn’t take many things on faith. He trusts his gut, his eyes, and his husband, Jordan, an Army Captain. When his commanding officers deliver news of Jordan’s death, Aaron needs proof. The facts don’t add up, and Aaron must decide if he can trust Major General Troy Hart to assist in his quest to discover the truth.

Captain Jordan Collins is battered and disheartened in an Afghanistan prison, but definitely not dead, though he learns his own government believes he is. His only mission now is to stay alive and make it home to Angel, if he can find an ally among the enemy. But someone in the US government will stop at nothing to make sure he never leaves that prison, And Jordan must reevaluate the lines between friend and foe if he is ever to return to his Angel.

Excerpt: Angel’s Hero

Even as he entered the diner to find Aaron waiting, Jordan still struggled to believe that he’d persuaded Aaron Larson to leave the mixer by using the worst pick up line ever. But as he’d stood across the room, all he could think was, Angels should smile. I’m going to see if I can change his mood. Jordan’s gaydar had sharpened as soon as he’d entered the military and hitting on the wrong person could cost him his job.

“Hey Angel,” Jordan said, taking a seat at the booth.

“Are you honestly going to continue calling me that?”

“Is it going to continue making you blush?” Jordan countered, deepening the red in the man’s cheeks even further. “I’ll stop if it bothers you.”

Aaron shook his head. “Doesn’t bother me. It is an odd descriptor for someone you only met a half hour ago. Unless you make a habit of judging people by their appearance.”

Appearance tells more than most people like to admit, but Jordan would get there eventually. “Fair enough. What if we got to know each other a little better and reevaluated if Angel fits you?” Jordan posed, opening the menu.

“Okay. It won’t,” Aaron told him. “The burgers here are fantastic if you’re a meat eater.”

Jordan raised his eyebrow. “Do I look like a vegetarian?”

“Now not only do angels all look the same, but vegetarians, as well?” Aaron threw back.

That has a biological basis. Vegetarians eat less protein and therefore build less muscle than people who eat from all the food groups,” Jordan said.

“Every single vegetarian in the history of the world consumes less protein than the general population?” Aaron asked.

Jordan raised his hands in surrender. “I need some food before entering into verbal volleyball.” He ordered French fries and a cheeseburger from the waitress. His jaw dropped when Aaron requested a salad. Jordan quickly closed his mouth so as not start another debate,
but damn if Aaron wasn’t proving Jordan’s point about body types by eating salad instead of meat.

“By the way, I’m not a vegetarian. I am selective with what goes in my body,” Aaron clarified, seemingly reading Jordan’s thoughts.

“Yeah? That’s good to know.”

Aaron rolled his eyes. “You’re infuriating.”

Jordan smiled. “You like it.”

“Why would you say that?” Aaron asked.

“Still here, aren’t you?”

Releasing a breath, Aaron said, “Yes, yes. What makes you think I’m an angel?”

“What makes you think you’re not?” Jordan leaned back to assess the man across from him. He had to ensure he was not pushing too far. But so far Aaron seemed to be enjoying his annoyance, because no matter what he said, Aaron kept the tiniest smile.

“Do you always answer a question with a question?”

Jordan fused their gazes. “Only when your answer is more important than mine. See, I called you Angel because the light made your hair shine. And… every other time I have seen you, you’ve been helping someone.”

Aaron tilted his head to the side. “What are you talking about? We haven’t met before tonight.”

“No, but I’ve seen you around. First time was six weeks ago in the writing center at Georgetown. You were working with a football player to keep his scholarship. Then last week, you stopped a dog from getting hit by a car,” Jordan told him.

The conversation paused as they thanked the waitress for their drinks. Once she left, Aaron asked, “Have you been stalking me?”

Had he truly been concerned about sitting across from a dangerous stalker, Aaron’s voice would have heightened and his body would be stiff. Neither of those things was the case, so Jordan smiled and replied, “No, I happened to be in the writing center working with a tutor at the same time as you, and I was jogging across the street when you saved the dog. At that point, I would have stopped to introduce myself, but I had a drill sergeant screaming a few paces behind me.”

Aaron’s gaze darted around room before leaning closer and lowering his voice. “Speaking of drill sergeants, we need to discuss you being out with me in your uniform. I never had a closet to come out of, so if you’re seen with me, people would have reason to be suspicious.”

Jordan caught Aaron’s smoldering grey eyes, covered his hand with his own, and took note of the other man’s tripping pulse. “Relax. My comrades know. My superiors have guessed. Could the wrong person start trouble? Sure, but my private life has never interfered with my job or schoolwork. It never will.”

“So you’re telling me that you’re the exception to the law? Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell doesn’t apply to you?”

“Of course it does, but the fact is I’m smarter than most people. I can read a room within seconds of walking in. I have never once incurred bullying for my sexuality. I don’t hit on men who aren’t gay, and I avoid flamboyant men. They would get me in trouble.” Jordan moved his hand, but kept eye contact. “If I want to get to know someone, I don’t let my job stop me. Granted, certain things are more difficult. For example, I can’t bring my partners as dates to work events, and it’s probably a bad idea to take them on base.”

Bio: Liz Borino transcribes the world inside her head onto the page, and share it with the people who are stuck in the “real world” to makes their lives a little more interesting. Because in her world, heroes fall and stand up again with the help of their partners and friends. Liz’s world is littered with formidable obstacles, which her heroes overcome with a fire of courage and passion. The beauty of love between two men is celebrated. Who wouldn’t want to live there?

When not with her heroes, Liz enjoys exploring cities, working toward social justice, and editing for other authors. Liz is less than three months from obtaining her Masters’ degree in English and published nine books since 2010.

Author Links:

Amazon Page
Barnes and Noble

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Freebie, T.A. Webb

It Won’t Take A Wing Or A Prayer To Find The Love In T.A. Webb’s “Love On a Wing and a Prayer”

“In his eyes I saw all the other possibilities … the seemingly impossible possibilities.” ― Tiffanie DeBartolo

True romance is alive and well and living within the pages of T.A. Webb’s FREE “Love Has No Boundaries” contribution, Love on a Wing and a Prayer, the story of US Navy Aviator Lieutenant David Perkins, a man who serves his country in the post-DADT days but is still not rushing to reveal his sexuality to his fellow servicemen, not even to the ones he considers his brothers.

One of the many things I loved about this story, apart from the emotional connection Mr. Webb so deftly weaves in the first-person narrative, is the relevance of the story and its visual recalling of so many of the images we’ve seen recently: the proposals on bended knee, the wedding ceremonies that have happened in front of a global audience in celebration of the steps we’ve taken to define marriage as a union between two loving souls rather than between sexualities.

David finds his other half in a man named Chuck Wilder, a fellow aviator who is transferred to David’s squadron. The eye contact, the subtle brushing of a shoulder, the want on David’s part to be more to Chuck but not knowing whether Chuck is even gay are all palpable moments that make the reader do little more than anticipate the moment these men will share their first kiss.

The love and acceptance from their fellow brothers-in-service is nothing less than a feel good moment as David discovers his secret was one of the worst kept of his life. And the end… Well, the end is nothing less than smile-inducing as David and Chuck prepare for a future filled with possibilities.

If you want to read a short story that will warm your heart, leave you smiling and will make you believe in love and romance and happily ever after, then I can’t recommend Love on a Wing and a Prayer highly enough.

Reviewed by: Lisa

You can download Love on a Wing and a Prayer here: