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Guest Post and Giveaway: The Forbidden Blog Tour with Scarlet Blackwell

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We’re so pleased to welcome author Scarlet Blackwell to The Novel Approach today on the tour for her new novella from NineStar Press, Forbidden. NineStar Press is also hosting a Rafflecopter Giveaway to run for the duration of the tour. Prizes will include a $10 Amazon Gift Card and a credit for a free book from the NineStar Press website, so be sure to click on the widget below to enter for a chance to win.

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Forbidden the Movie

The actor I’d like to hire to play David in the movie of Forbidden is…

While every writer claims that their greatest goal is to see their work in print, for many it would be to see their work up on the big screen.

I love movies. I love movie stars. Imagine if my characters were brought to life in a darkened cinema for a thrilled, albeit eclectic, audience.

Forbidden tells the story of David, a thirty-something vice-president with all the money he can eat and a secret he keeps from everyone at work – he’s gay. He spends his nights in anonymous encounters with men, lonely and wishing for more, wishing he had the nerve to come out to his boss and take a guy to one of the many company parties.

One night in West Hollywood, he chooses a strip club for titillation at the end of a few hours drinking. He doesn’t expect to fall instantly in love with Jeremy, the hot blond guy wrapping himself around a pole for a few dollars stuffed down his jock.

So who would play David on the silver screen?

The perfect candidate popped instantly into my mind. Michael Fassbender.

Okay, I’m currently enamoured with him-maybe that’s why the choice was obvious-but to be fair, if I interviewed him for the job I know he would beat every other candidate.

He’s handsome sure, but he’s also charming and kind of quirky. He’s so fun in interviews – not your average Hollywood movie star, just like my characters are not your average m/m romance characters.

Let’s look at his experience for the role. He’s half Irish, half German and has a lovely Irish accent but he’s played many Americans before and has the accent down to a tee. In ‘Shame’ he played a sex addict, spending his nights hiring prostitutes and his days jerking off at work. In one memorable scene, he followed a guy into a gay club and got a blow job.

You see? Perfect to play David.

The advantage of hiring him of course is that I get to see Mr. Fassbender getting it on with another man. Can’t argue with that.

Now that I’ve put that idea in readers’ minds and they can picture him as David, please feel free to contact me and let me know who should play Jeremy. :)


forbidden_scarletBlurb: When things are forbidden, you merely want them more…

Vice-president David should have had it all–nice cars, the most expensive restaurants and the finest clothes. But he hides a secret from all his colleagues–he’s gay. He’s too scared to come out at work so he spends his evenings cruising for company and frequenting strip clubs. In one such place, he meets pole dancer Jeremy, a young man with problems of his own. Jeremy’s controlled by his boss Donny and soon David’s interest starts to spell danger for them both…

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Excerpt: Coxx was new to him. A last stop at the end of a night of solitary drinking. Somewhere he’d always wanted to go but had been afraid to. Not that night. That night alcohol gave him courage beyond his wildest dreams. After his tough day at work, he didn’t care about denying himself anymore.

The seedy male strip club was nestled at the ass end of West Hollywood, tucked away almost apologetically among the back streets. Its windows promised hot male dancers to cater to every whim. The carpet was sticky, but the beer was cold. A long runway featured shiny brass poles currently occupied by two dancers. The place was half-full, a slow night.

David Ackroyd sat on a stool at the edge of the stage, his gaze on the lithe blond at the end of the runway. He hadn’t expected to find any of the dancers worth more than titillation, but since the young man first slunk from behind the velvet curtains, he’d had David’s rapt attention.

He was average height with a lean, tanned body. All strong limbs and toned muscle, he wore nothing more than a sparkly silver thong and silly matching boots. The dancer’s plump, pert ass mesmerised David as he shook it in time to an old Mötley Crüe song and gyrated in front of a group of four giggling women.

Perhaps David hadn’t expected to see women in a place like Coxx, but why not? Ogling nearly naked men wasn’t the province of gay men alone; women had as much right to get their kicks as he did. The blond dancer played up to his audience by sliding to his knees and letting the women stroke his thighs and press bills into his thong. David doubted he would let his male admirers get quite so fresh with him. Having a man grope you was different. More intimidating, fraught with risk.

David took a swallow of Jack Daniel’s and Coke, wishing for a better look at the blond dancer. He glanced at the other man on the runway, a brunet. He was ripped and hard but nothing special to look at. He seemed tired, jaded and only spared each person at the edge of the stage fleeting attention. That was fine by David. He only had eyes for the blond.

Fluidly, the dancer stood up, moved a few steps back to the pole in the middle of the stage, and swung himself around it, wrapping his long limbs gracefully about the steel. David stared. The man hung upside down, ankles clinging, six-packed abdomen rippling. Then, he dismounted, stalked across the runway and stood with legs spread and hands on his hips, facing David. He seemed to wait as though for approval. David gulped as he lifted his gaze up the dancer’s magnificent body, lingering on the enticing bulge in his underwear. The blond was nearly too pretty to be called handsome. Maybe late twenties with perfect skin and large, almond-shaped eyes of piercing blue. A smile curled around the edges of his plump, sensual mouth as if he knew every one of David’s thoughts. Like he had watched him out of the corner of his eye and known David was salivating for a bit of the dancer’s attention.

David’s cock stirred. It filled with blood, pressing against his underwear with a sweet ache. He forgot where he was and drowned in the thrill of an attractive man seeking him out. David imagined they were in a nightclub, and he could take this beautiful stranger home if he wanted to and make love to him all night without money changing hands. He took another swallow of his drink as the man spun around, bent at the waist, and shook his ripe buttocks. Reaching back, the dancer stroked his own backside with lingering, sensual touches and pulled his cheeks just far enough apart that the string on the ridiculous thong shifted, barely covering a hint of pink pucker.

David clutched his knees and ground his teeth. His rampant cock raged against his pants. The dancer turned around. One hand on his thigh, fingers perilously close to his package, he swivelled his hips, thrusting his groin in David’s direction.

David watched raptly as the blond inched his fingers closer to the sparkling material covering his assets. His fingertips traced the bulge between his legs before he cupped himself and rubbed overtly. David licked his lips. The flimsy thong seemed to expand. Was the dancer getting hard? It was difficult to see in the darkness and playing shadows, but the underwear seemed strained to bursting, and the blond stroked his cock and balls as if he was very excited.

David placed his hands on the edge of the runway. He ached to touch, but he wouldn’t be that guy, grabbing disrespectfully and forgetting his boundaries. Now if the blond wanted to invite him to delve into that sparkly bill-stuffed pouch right here in front of all these people, that would be a different matter. David would give him the handjob of his life, no worries. Hell, he would open his mouth and let the dancer fuck it to his heart’s content right then if he wanted to.

The blond moved closer. He slid to his knees with thighs wide apart. David stared up at the sweat glistening on the dancer’s face and torso. He smelled the guy’s cologne, heady and spicy, and it made his cock jolt and throb. His fingers twitched. The dancer smiled. He gripped David’s right hand at the wrist and brought it to him, deliberately placing it on his own upper thigh.

His flesh was like damp silk. David stifled a groan. The blond guided David’s fingers to his inner thigh, electric-blue eyes never leaving his. When his touch grazed heavy balls, David thought he would whimper with desire. The blond’s hard-on was evident from this angle; his cockhead almost reared over the top of the overstuffed pouch. He ran his tongue slowly over his lips and then pressed David’s hand right into his groin, over a rigid pole, generous in every way.

David caught his breath. He closed his fingers around the dancer’s turgid shaft, squeezing gently but with greed, aware of overstepping the mark and ready to be apologetic.

A moment later, the blond jerked away. He skipped back to the pole and wound himself around it a couple of times before blowing kisses in the general direction of all those watching. Then, he disappeared behind the curtain.

David sat in crushing disappointment. His heart raced, and his cock threatened to explode. His desire dampened his underwear. He tried to rationalise to himself what had just happened. A scorching encounter with a man paid to interact with his audience. A bonus in every way at the end of a draining day. He smiled ruefully and finished his drink, adjusting himself discreetly before sliding from the stool. Drink and lust made him unsteady when he stood. He weaved his way to the exit and vowed he’d never come here again.


About the Author: Scarlet likes cats and hats and firmly believes that the only thing better than one attractive man is two attractive men.

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Guest Post and Giveaway: The Defiant Loyalties Blog Tour with Elizabeth Wilde

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Today we’re so pleased to welcome author Elizabeth Wilde on the Defiant Loyalties blog tour. Enjoy Elizabeth’s guest post, and then be sure to click on the Rafflecopter widget below to enter for the chance to win a $10 Amazon Gift Card and a credit for a free book from the NineStar Press website.

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When I was a little girl, I used to write.

Books, plays, interactive mystery whodunits. I used to make board games, record radio shows, and film homemade movies. I once wrote an entire play and made some of my friends act it out at my house. I based it on the sinking of the Titanic, because I was a bit morbid like that, but it had a touch of South Park, too, since I thought it was hilarious to “kill” one of my friends over and over again à la Kenny.

I had big dreams as a kid of a career in writing but, like most childhood dreams, reality hit and that dream was shelved. I figured it was not only shelved but impossible, absolutely unheard of. I hadn’t written a thing in fifteen years. In fact, I’d forgotten entirely that I ever loved it in the first place.

Opening up a word processor again three years ago to put fingers to keys, writing and writing until something stuck. It felt like a liberation, like it was meant to be. I shared stories with close friends to much enthusiasm and encouragement, found other friends in the writing community who were equally as supportive, and now here I am, sharing a weird story from my warped little youth during a blog tour for my debut novel. Every day I’m struck over and over again by how life can change in the blink of an eye, from the most unexpected places.

This opportunity means the world to me. Despite my hours/days/weeks/months grappling with it, whipping its stubborn self into shape, this book also means the world to me.

Defiant Loyalties is a story about love against the backdrop of corruption; about two people on seemingly opposite sides coming together to defy every authority. It’s a tale of trust, of loyalty in adversity, and I hope it excites you to read as much as it excited me to write!

The adult in me may be worrying about every leg of this journey, but that little dreamer is having the time of her life right now.

~Elizabeth Wilde


defiantloyaltiesBlurb: All Jack Preston has ever wanted is freedom: from his father’s oppressive political reign, from his mother’s dying memory, from his own guilt in the part he’s played to get George Preston to the top. When an assassination attempt is made on his father’s life, Jack is thrown into a dangerous game of lies and espionage, and as his whole world destabilizes, he finds himself turning to the most unlikely person for help.

Alex—the assassin who started it all; the man whose face haunts Jack’s dreams—becomes his only ally. As they come together to fight a bigger enemy, Jack’s attraction becomes a risk too large to take and too powerful not to. Will falling in love with a dangerous killer play right into his enemy’s hands? Or will Alex risk everything to protect the son of the man he was sent to murder? Loyalties will be tested and sacrifices made, but Jack will learn that some things are truly worth fighting for.

Buy Link: NineStar Press


Excerpt: He approaches the thoroughfare in a daze, drugged off the powerful sensation of gravity tugging him home, and the shadowy figure he spots halfway down doesn’t concern him for half a minute or so while he happily indulges himself.

Until suddenly it does.

His steps falter but don’t stop, axis of gravity abruptly shifted, and now Jack’s walking toward the figure instead, in the grip of some terrible, warped sense of inevitability with his heart rate kicking up.

His boots against the ground feel like a march, and he finds he’s angry. Fraught with fear, yeah, but angry nonetheless. Worse, it’s a petty anger, a kind of outrage that’s got him thinking how dare you even though he’s almost positive he brought this one on himself.

The figure stands with his stance wide and easy and his hands in the pockets of his leather jacket, casual as anything. He’s wearing All Stars and Jack has to be fucking hallucinating right now, spent too long obsessing over this with no exposure to the outside world to ground him.

The figure tells Jack, “Hey,” thoroughly doing away with that notion.


The Goddamn assassin raises his eyebrows. “It’s a term of greeting.”

“Yeah, thanks,” Jack snaps. “Gotta say, it’s a massive improvement from your first one.”

The guy shrugs a shoulder, mouth quirking up at one corner, and fuck, Jack had somehow forgotten how striking he was. Under the sodium lampposts, standing against the gray-shaded sugar maples, he’s almost otherworldly—or maybe that’s just Jack’s abused brain whirring, fever-pitched imagination running wild with him like a kid let out for the first time on its own.

“Is this it, then?” Jack goes on, still dripping in sarcasm. “Time to say my prayers?”

“Walk with me?”

Jack does an honest-to-God spit-take, levelling a glare. “Walk with you.”

“You can keep repeating what I say if you like.”

Jack does, thanks. “Walk with you?”

“You haven’t gone running to your armed guard for help,” he points out and then, with a quiet weight, “It’s important.”

I’m sorry about this. Jack hears it over and over, a litany always inhabiting him, and this man had stood in his father’s study with a gun, apologizing for a murder he was a split-second away from committing. Two days ago he’d handed Jack a threatening note, flirting with him while he did it.

Jack shakes his head. He wrenches himself away, one, two steps, turning his back on the face that’s been dogging him for a week now because if he doesn’t—


If he doesn’t, Jack’s going to do something like fucking walk with him.

Back still turned, Jack states the very obvious. “You know my name.”

“Lotta people know your name. Your real one, anyway.”

He spins at that. “How did you—”

“This is important,” the man repeats gravely, but there’s still an easiness to his stance, a kind of open appeal. He’s drawing Jack in just like the flirting; good at his job, Jack thinks dizzily.

“Tell me your name, first.”

He doesn’t answer right away, sound of nothing but the trees swaying while he looks up at Jack with his head tipped down—really good at his job, then. There’s a definite reluctance there, but beyond that, Jack really can’t guess what he’s thinking; maybe games of chess in his head, working out moves and countermoves, assessing Jack for danger.


Jack tries it out in his mouth—“Alex”—and finds it suits him whether it’s real or not. “Fine, Alex, let’s walk.”

Alex cocks his head, gesturing to the end of the thoroughfare so Jack supposes they’re heading away from the house and out into the city. A small mercy, at least.

They fall into step, Alex tossing Jack curious little sideways glances but otherwise staying perfectly quiet, until they come out onto the boulevard and under the open night sky, clear except for the spotty clouds moving time-lapse fast in the lower atmosphere.

There, Alex belatedly speaks. “You’ve been drawing attention to yourself.”

“That an art pun?”

Another curious glance and Jack stays looking resolutely forward; he’s really not sure indulging himself or this guy is the right thing to do.

“Maybe. Thanks for the sketch, by the way.”

“Oddly polite for someone who handed me a threat in return.”

“Which you didn’t take seriously.”

“So that is why you’re here, because I googled some asshole judge?”

“Look, Jack—”

Jack immediately bristles. “Why am I drawing attention to myself? What’s so important that you gotta follow me around town and spirit me away into the night like this, after you—after you tried to fucking—”

“I was sent to give you the note,” Alex interrupts, carefully placing every syllable like they’re practiced. “I wasn’t sent tonight.”

Jack turns his head, trying to get some sort of equal footing here. “And what does that mean?”

“I’m trying to help you.”


Author BioAbout the Author: Elizabeth is a debut author from the north of England. With a long-time passion for writing, at eight years old she attempted to write and illustrated her very own Goosebumps books, as well as an ongoing series of solve-it-yourself mysteries, and several stories about a single lady living her life with an unfortunate perm. One day she hopes that practice will pay off, but until then she’s been recently adopted by two cats and gets by working for the government.

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NineStar Press Reader Contest: Win Free Books for One Year!



NineStar Press has just opened a competition for one lucky reader to win FREE NineStar Press books for a year. That’s one free book a week, every week, for a whole year — 52 free books!

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Introducing: NineStar Press – A New Publisher of LGBTQA Fiction

NSP banner

A lot has changed in recent years for readers and writers of LGBTQA fiction.

It used to be the case that getting your hands on well-written LGBTQA fiction required a trip to a specialist bookstore in the hopes of finding the perfect story that spoke to you. Often, you had to stock up on a few at once to ensure you got the book that was exactly right for your needs.

Then, the internet came along, and a range of romance, erotica, and literary fiction written especially for LGBTQA readers was suddenly just a few clicks of a mouse away.

But that presents a new problem: With so many LGBTQA stories available—some good and some not so good—how do you find the highest quality, most bang-for-your-buck LGBTQA fiction around?

One brand-new publisher promises to be the solution to all your LGBTQA needs. Called NineStar Press, it launches this November, and it’s one to watch if you’re seeking a publisher dedicated to releasing only the best, most engaging LGBTQA stories you’ll want to read again and again.

Few publishing houses have as much to offer readers and writers as NineStar Press does.

Its founder and managing director, Lisa Cox, knows exactly what makes a publishing house great: She’s spent a decade honing her business model by working with the best romance publishers in the market, and she’s bringing that depth of experience with her to NineStar Press, an LGBTQA-focused press.

Her experience has shown her exactly what both readers and authors want from a publishing house.

“I’ve spent the past ten years working with many of the best romance publishers in the market—both boutique and big—and while I learned a lot from them, I also couldn’t help but notice certain aspects in need of improvement and development,” Lisa says. “It’s my goal now to bridge that gap—to bring the best of this business to both readers and authors, while also providing better solutions in those underdeveloped areas and inspiring confidence in our business model.”

So what should readers expect from NineStar Press? For a start, the company will cater to a range of LGBTQA readers. NineStar Press will offer romance, erotica, and literary works of fiction in a range of lengths to suit every preference: from sweet, short romances to red-hot erotica. Whatever your preference, the story you buy is guaranteed to be professionally edited by editors and proofreaders with combined decades of experience.

NineStar Press will also seek out the best authors to ensure that readers are certain of top- quality, page-turning fiction.

The company knows what an LGBTQA audience wants, too. As every member of the NineStar Press team self-identifies as being part of the LGBTQA community, you know that the stories you read are written, edited, and developed with you and the LGBTQA community in mind. That means you’ll see the sorts of characters you can identify with and plots that will entertain and excite you—every time you buy a NineStar Press book.

Authors, too, are guaranteed a professional, first-class experience from submission all the way through to publishing. As Lisa explains, there are few publishers who can give authors the kind of experience that NineStar Press does, thanks to the strong team behind the publisher.

“We know every corner of this business,” she says. “From editing to promotion to art—we have the right experts in our team. After years spent researching, observing, and working in this industry, we’ve developed a business model designed to offer the best experience for everyone involved.”

NineStar Press backs its authors from start to finish, too. Unlike other publishing houses that put the success or failure of a book firmly on the author’s shoulders, NineStar Press recognizes the importance of getting an author’s book out to the right audience early and often.

“We’ve put a heavy emphasis on maintaining a marketing budget,” Lisa says. “Every single book will receive a promo campaign, from a blog tour to paid advertising and everything in between. What’s more, our marketing team will revisit underperforming books and give them a boost. No book gets left behind.”

And, unlike a lot of publishing houses that severely restrict what their authors can and can’t do, NineStar Press respects the writer’s right to decide what’s best for them.

“We offer one of the most author-friendly contracts in the business,” Lisa says. “We don’t want to grab all of the author’s rights, lock them in for years, or force them to submit future works to us. No one likes a greedy publisher!”

So whether you’re an LGBTQA author or just a fan of top-quality, well-written, hard-to-put- down LGBTQA fiction, NineStar Press has something for you.

Join us for our launch in November 2015. We can’t wait for you to start enjoying all that NineStar Press has to offer.

In the meantime, please visit our pre-launch website for more information: NineStar Press

NineStar Press, Ltd.