Michael Taggart

And Now For Something Completely Different… And A Bit NSFW

Hold on to your e-readers, folks, because we’re taking a bit of a detour from the review business this morning, and it’s not with an author interview or giveaway either. No, when I say “completely different”, I mean it in a “this post has absolutely nothing to do with books” kind of way.

Today, we have the honor of welcoming photographer Michael Taggart to The Novel Approach. Michael’s come by for a visit to share not only a little bit about himself but also to share some of his art with us.

I hope you enjoy perusing some of the photos he’s chosen to share and will take a moment to say hello and let him know how much you appreciate what his talent.

**Note: All photos are clickable and link to the full-sized image on Michael’s Flickr page**


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