Pure Slush Publishing, William Henderson

A First Person Story In The “Second Person, Possessive”

“What’s the difference between codependency and love?”

“When you don’t have to ask me that, then you’ll know what the difference is.” – William Henderson

They say that truth is stranger than fiction. Well, sometimes truth isn’t so much strange as it is… heartbreaking.

William Henderson’s Second Person, Possessive is a story of addiction. It is the true story of a husband and a father who finally found the courage to come to terms with his sexuality only to trade one form of denial for another. It’s not so much a story of coming out of the closet as it is a story of acknowledging the closet is there and then hiding it behind a curtain of evasion and half-truths and lies by omission. Ultimately, however, this is a story of one man’s struggle to fight personal demons, and is Will’s story of survival.
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