3.5 Stars, Genre Romance, Penguin/InterMix, Reviewed by Jules, Roni Loren

Review: Yours All Along by Roni Loren

Title: Yours All Along

Author: Roni Loren

Publisher: Penguin/InterMix

Pages/Word Count: 135 Pages

At a Glance: I definitely enjoyed the book, but I would have loved if it had been a little meatier.

Reviewed By: Jules

Blurb: Four years after an accident tore their friendship apart, Hunter and Devon are living separate lives. Hunter is now the all-America hero—a congressman’s son and a pro pitcher in Houston preparing to marry his beauty-queen girlfriend. Devon is in Dallas running a new restaurant.

But when Hunter unexpectedly shows up in Devon’s bar, Devon can’t turn him away. Damn it if the man isn’t still gorgeous. But engaged? Hell no. All he’s doing for Devon is bringing back memories of their college-roommate days, and the night their relationship went too far. Turns out Hunter has never forgotten it either.

Now Devon can’t help but be drawn in all over again by the only guy who’s ever gotten close enough to break his heart. Maybe one more night together would be enough for both of them to finally move on. Or maybe one night will change everything…


Review: Wow. So that’s how it is, Roni Loren? Get me to fall completely in love with your guys, and then leave me cold?! Haha. Okay. I’m not happy with that ending…At. All. BUT, I’m going to give it a pass, because there were way more things about Yours All Along that I did like.

Hunter is a bit of a mess when we meet him. Working through an injury has caused a small rough patch in his baseball career, he’s trapped in an engagement he doesn’t want, and still living under the microscope of his overbearing, congressman father. His fiancée, seeing that he’s struggling, throws him a lifeline, and sends him on a weekend getaway on his own. To Dallas. Where his ex-roommate from college is living. Uh-oh.

Roni Loren does a great job early on of showing us Hunter’s discontentment with his life, and his desperation for escape. This trip to Dallas could mean definite trouble. Or, could it possibly be his salvation? When he gets there, he doesn’t plan on confronting Devon right away, but as soon as he sees him all the old feelings and memories are brought up again, and he can’t help himself.

The author uses a lengthy flashback to show us the boys in college, and how they got to be so close. How the feelings developed and changed – and then how it all fell apart. While I really enjoyed those chapters – and I do so love friends-to-lovers stories – I wish more time had also been spent in the present. Hunter and Devon are such good guys…both really genuinely good souls, and they had such a good connection and great chemistry it was a shame that we didn’t get to see more of them together outside of the flashback.

I definitely enjoyed the book. I understand it was a novella, and was more or less a companion piece to the rest of her Loving on the Edge series, but I would have loved if it had been a little meatier. Perhaps later books in the series will give readers an extra peek at Devon and Hunter.



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