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Review: Mi Familia by Tessa Cárdenas

Title: Mi Familia

Author: Tessa Cárdenas

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Pages/Word Count: 200 Pages

At a Glance: Mi Familia is a completely satisfying story

Reviewed By: Janet

Blurb: Sequel to Siempre

Three years after starting their life together, Jamie and Sean decide the time is right to expand their family. Preparing to adopt, they cross their Ts and dot their Is. But nothing can quite prepare them for Angel and his sister, Margarita.

After over a year in foster care, Angel, eight, and Margarita, four, are hesitant to trust their new dads. Angel doesn’t believe they will follow through with the adoption, and Margarita, scared, refuses to speak. While the process seems slow, Jamie and Sean are happy to take their time winning the kids over. But when the siblings’ foster mother takes a fall and can no longer care for them, Jamie and Sean rush to take on parental duties they don’t feel ready for. Even as they work to finalize the adoption, life continues to throw them curve balls, and the happy couple worries they aren’t doing enough to save their fledgling family.


Review: I think the absolute best part of this book is how much I didn’t know that I needed it. It was a surprise to me; I did not know that it was being written at all. Tessa Cárdenas published Siempre in 2013. I read it, and I loved it. It was one of those books that you daydream about when it is over. The happy ever after that Sean and Jaime earned in Siempre was a gift I enjoyed reading, and now we have more! My joy upon reading the prologue to Mi Familia was intense. Yes! They made it! What a thrill to discover that I was going to be able to read the next chapters in their lives.

Having said all this, I believe you could read Mi Familia and totally enjoy it without having read Siempre. Tessa Cárdenas takes an established couple and expands their life within this book. She gives us enough background to fully support the pair, and their friends and family, without a lot of repetition. She enhances the reader’s experience through reflections or introspective narrative of multiple POVs that are clearly identified throughout the book. The quest of parenthood Sean and Jaime are undertaking is a very emotional topic, and Cárdenas skillfully creates a connection that is intense between the reader and the characters. The realities of adoption are revealed thoughtfully and are dealt with very realistically in the steps that Sean and Jaime have to take to achieve this goal. The love that the characters share is proven to be solid and strong as the story progresses; they really do complement each other’s strengths well. The hope they inspire as we read is totally justified, and the small triumphs they enjoy along the way are truly heartwarming.

Tessa Cárdenas has crafted a love story that is lush with details, very colorful in language that is simply bursting with personality. She has written a complex tale that explores the different stages of relationships: growing up, coming out, committing together and developing a fulfilling and meaningful life. It is not an easy path her guys are on, but she engages the reader so well in their individual journeys that we are totally invested in their success as a couple, and finally, as a family. Mi Familia is a completely satisfying story. I know that I will eagerly read whatever Cárdenas writes from now on. She has moved to auto-read author status for me with this book. I can honestly recommend her as an author to try, as she just keeps getting better with each new book.

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All Romance eBooks

Dreamspinner Press, Tessa Cardenas

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