A Sneak Peek At The Week Ahead…

We’ve got some great stuff coming up this week, over and above the reviews we usually post, so let me give you just a little taste of what’s on the menu.

On Tuesday, we’ll be announcing a new weekly feature that’ll be appearing right here at The Novel Approach, and here’s a hint… It has everything to do with Cover Art, so keep an eye out for that.

On Wednesday, we’ll be welcoming author Marguerite Labbe to the house to talk a little bit about her book Ghosts in the Wind, and she’ll be bringing along a little somethin’-somethin’ to give away as well. Woot!

Thursday, author Wade Kelly will be with us to discuss The Cost of Loving, the sequel to When Love Is not Enough, and yes, there will be a give away to go with Wade’s visit too! Woot x 2!

On Friday, photographer Michael Taggart will be here to talk a little bit about his art, and to share some of his gorgeous photos with us. You won’t want to miss it, because, well… you just won’t. Trust me. :-D

And to close out the week, on Sunday, the 18th, Joyfully Jay and I will be revealing the schedule for our Joyful Approach Countdown To GRL 2013 Celebration! This is going to be a fun-filled, action-packed 7 weeks of author appearances and giveaways that you’ll definitely want to pay close attention to.

Have a great week, everyone!

Lisa xoxo

Anne Tenino, Carole Cummings, Storm Moon Press

We’ve Got A Couple Of Fun Things Coming Up This Week, But Boy Oh Boy, Just Wait Until August!

As you may or may not have heard, Jay of Joyfully Jay Reviews and I have cooked up something special for readers this year in our Joyful Approach Countdown To GRL 2013. When we first began discussing the project and whether it was something we could pull off successfully, we never imagined that we’d get the sort of response that came pouring in from participating authors. In less than eight hours, we filled our original forty-two time-slots, quickly bumped it up to FIFTY, and still have authors on our waiting list over and above that fify cap, authors whom we both dearly hope to be able to accommodate as we fill our calendars for the seven weeks between August 19th and October 6th.

Be on the lookout for announcements in the coming weeks, including a list of participating authors and the dates they’ll be scheduled to appear both here and at Joyfully Jay!

But on to what’s on tap for this coming week: on top of some really great reviews, we’ve got Anne Tenino here tomorrow to talk about her newest release, Sweet Young Thang, and she’s also bringing along a goodie or two.

On Thursday, we’ll have a guest post from Storm Moon Press, as they continue their Big Damn Heroine tour.

Then, on Friday, Carole Cummings will be our guest, and she’ll be offering one lucky reader the chance to win her latest novel The Queen’s Librarian.

So be sure to stay tuned, and have a great week!

Chris Quinton, J.K. Pendragon, Leta Blake, Z.A. Maxfield

What’s Coming Up In The Week Ahead

I hope everyone has had a great weekend! Here’s what’s happening this week at TNA.

Monday – Z.A. Maxfield has a new series, so we start the week with a review of Grime and Punishment

Tuesday – Kiera Andrews’ The Chimera Affair and The Argentine Seduction are being featured

Wednesday – Is all about Chris Quinton and her futuristic vampire series Fool’s Odyssey, with a review of the third book Fool’s Rush

ThursdayThe Gentleman and the Rogue by J.K. Pendragon is on tap

and finally,

Friday – is all about Kiera Andrews and Leta Blake’s fairy tale Earthly Desires (Tempting Tales, Book One)

Have a great week, and happy reading!

Allen Mack, Allison Cassatta, Anyta Sunday, Brandon Shire, Poppy Dennison, Storm Moon Press

What’s Coming Up This Week?

Here’s what Bruce and I have on tap for the week ahead!

Monday – Brandon Shire will be our guest, answering a few questions about his new book Cold, a book that definitely left me wanting more!
Tuesday – Bruce reviews Poppy Dennison’s Soul Magic, book 3 in the Triad series
Wednesday – Allison Cassatta’s Dear Diary will be the featured review of the day
Thursday – Brings a little Lenny For Your Thoughts by Anyta Sunday
FridayDorian’s World, Allen Mack’s foray into futuristic Alt U, is on tap
Saturday – Storm Moon Press will be our guest with a post for the upcoming Dracones anthology

Happy reading and have a fantastic week!


What’s On Tap This Week? Hint: There’s A Giveaway!

Bruce and I are looking extra forward to the coming week. Here’s what’s ahead:

Monday: Up first is Gay and Lesbian Coffee Break Quickies from Storm Moon Press

Tuesday: We’ve got two reviews, Behind Iron Lace and The 51st Thursday by Mercy Celeste

Wednesday: Mary Calmes’ latest release Still will be featured today

Thursday: Ellen Holiday’s Small Miracles is up for consideration

And finally,

Friday: Bruce and I are so thrilled to be participating in this year’s Hop Against Homophobia and Transphopbia. Bruce was gracious enough to share his personal experiences about coming out to his own children and the ways in which he and Jacob have worked together to build a loving marriage and family. There’s also the chance to win some really great stuff, so make sure to stop by and see what goodies we have in store. :-D

Dreamspinner Press, Harmony Ink Press, Hayden Thorne, Ken Murphy, M.J. O'Shea, Mary Calmes, Poppy Dennison, Queerteen Press, Sam Kadence

What’s On Tap For This Week?

It’s a week of reviews coming up, as Bruce and I gear up for the Hop Against Homophobia & Transphobia on May 17th. You’ll want to watch for that because there’s going to be a giveaway along with the post topic we’ve chosen to discuss, something near and dear to both our hearts.

Meanwhile, here are the books that’ll be featured in the week ahead:

Monday: Bruce reviews Poppy Dennison and Mary Calmes’ collaboration, Creature Feature

Tuesday: Hayden Thorne delivers fairy tale magic with Gold in the Clouds

Wednesday: Bruce talks Stubborn Heart by Ken Murphy

Thursday: Sam Kadence’s YA Paranormal romance Evolution makes an appearance

Friday: Justin Foster meets Logan O’Brien in M.J. O’Shea’ Finding Shelter

Have a great week, everyone, and happy reading!