4 Stars, Genre Romance, Literary Fiction, Open Road Media, Reviewed by Lisa, William J. Mann

Review: The Men From the Boys by William J. Mann

Title: The Men From the Boys

Author: William J. Mann

Publisher: Open Road Media

Pages/Word Count: 352 Pages

Rating: 4 Stars

Blurb: This stunning slice of gay life at the turn of the millennium introduces thirtysomething Jeff O’Brien. After six years, his lover, Lloyd, has just announced that the passion between them has died. Terrified of ending up alone, Jeff turns his eye toward other men. But the anonymous, impersonal encounters leave him feeling sordid and used. In search of love during this “last summer in which I am to be young,” he finds romance with a beautiful houseboy named Eduardo. At twenty-two, Eduardo is the same age Jeff was when he began a relationship with the older David Javitz, a leading activist now gravely ill with AIDS. But David became more than a lover to Jeff, who wasn’t yet out of the closet. He was his mentor and cherished friend. Continue reading