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The Prose Speak: Creating an Effective Website by Lynley Wayne

Author Website pt1

The one thing every author should have is a website. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. And contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to blog. In fact, unless blogging is something you enjoy doing and can do on a regular basis, you’re probably better off not having one.

We’ll start with the domain name. That’s the that will take readers to your website. The best option is WWW.YOURNAME.COM. If you have a common name, then it might already be taken. In that case, consider using:





You don’t have to use the .com designation. Ones like .net and .org work too. But make it something that is easy for readers to remember.

I’ve seen authors who use the name of a series for their main website. I wouldn’t suggest doing this unless you only write that series. The reason being, if you write more than one series it might be harder from some readers to find you. What if you choose your first series as your domain name, but they haven’t read it? You want it to be as easy as possible for readers to find you online.

Which takes me to my next point.

When a reader finds your site they should be able to tell two things almost instantly; that you are an author and what genre you write in. If you write gay romance then you shouldn’t have pictures of scantly clad women plastered all over your website. If you write thrillers, then having cowboys and horses all over your website doesn’t make sense. Unless, of course, you write cowboy thrillers, then that’s a different story. You see where I’m going with this, right? Tailor your website to match the kinds of stories you write.

An author’s website is a professional platform. It is the face you present to the world. Make sure it represents you as a writer.

Things like personal photos of you, your family, your pets, your vacation, have no place on your author website. If you want to share those things, then I suggest keeping them regulated to blog posts. The one exception to this is, however, photos taken at conventions. Then I would suggest creating a page specifically for them, and remember, keep it clean and professional.

Once you post something online, it’s there forever.


In part two of author websites, I’ll talk specifics about things to consider when creating your website. Feel free to comment or contact me with any questions.


Lynley WayneLynley was a 2014 Lambda Literary Awards Finalist. She published her first book in September of 2012 and hasn’t looked back. When not writing she can found reading or coming up with creative ways to avoid housework. While Lynley Wayne may be a pen name, the woman behind it is very real and believes everyone is entitled to their own version of happiness. She looks forward to the day when who, or how, we love is no longer an issue.

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Talia Carmichael, Writing Between the Lines

The Prose Speak: With Talia Carmichael

Between the Lines

Seeker of Quirks…

By: Talia Carmichael

We all have things that make up who we are. There are habits that we follow that we might not even be aware of. A mannerism that people who know us when they see it think “that’s just like (insert name)”. These things all come together to make each and every one of us unique. Makes up our quirks. I believe that everyone has their quirks and love finding what it is. I’m a seeker of quirks and I’m a people watcher. :) I like to sit and just watch people interact with each other. I’m that observer in the corner whose mind is wandering on ways I can use the idiosyncrasies I see and work them into my stories.

Okay, I’ll admit many of my own quirks are in the books I write. :) And no I’m not admitting which. I’ll let you wonder which ones. For other quirks of my characters, I use what I see around me to include in what I write.  It can be that person who tends to lean their head to the side as they listen intently. Or the person who, when very amused, makes a snorting noise. Or that person who tends to find ways to change the subject when they get compliments or praise. How about someone who says whatever comes to their mind? Hmmm…I’ve had or experienced so many of these moments. These are spontaneous moments that someone does that make them who they are. And I love seeing these. As mentioned I watch people and many times I am writing in my head about them. I’m curious about what makes that person who they are. What quirks they have and how that is viewed by others. I imagine where these idiosyncrasies fit my characters. There is so much fun in being a seeker of quirks.



Talia Carmichael LogoBio: Talia Carmichael is a romantic who believes that family, no matter if it is by blood or those you choose as family, is integral to who you are. She is an author who writes sexy stories in a variety of genres. She believes in creating stories that encompass all that falling in love or lust entails, from the highs of that first blush of attraction to the lows of not knowing if you can make your coming together as a couple work, and then finally to the acceptance of the reality of making a life together. It’s all about the journey.

Among her books you’ll find contemporary, futuristic, fantasy, and paranormal settings with M/M themes that will have a happily-ever-after. Her books are passionate, intense, and real… to fill the craving. Check out more about Talia at or Contact her at check her out on facebook and Twitter.