Charlie Cochet, Torquere Press

Small Gems – In His Corner by Charlie Cochet

“You cannot love a thing without wanting to fight for it. You cannot fight without something to fight for.” – Gilbert K. Chesterton

Five years ago, Eli Mayhew’s heart was broken by Jessie “The Demon” Dalton, former Heavyweight Boxing Champion, and the older man Eli loved…still loves, if the truth be told. But things were not meant to be at a time when Jessie was at the lowest point of his life and his career in the ring was going down for the count. Jessie made sure Eli left “for his own” good, but what’s good is entirely questionable when what’s worse is the misery of being apart.

Eli’s Uncle Jasper is looking for a new cornerman for Jessie, whose career is little more than a pale shadow of his former glory days. Jessie hasn’t had much worth fighting for since Eli left, but Eli’s back and has jumped at the chance to become the man Jessie needs, and still wants, in his corner. Jessie merely needs to found the courage and confidence to reach out and take what he wants.

In His Corner is Charlie Cochet’s contribution to Torquere Press’s Charity Sip Blitz. It is a supremely sweet short story of faith, hope, and a second chance at love, set in the 1920s. The setting and language reflect the decade perfectly, and the storytelling is dependably charming, as I’ve come to expect from this author, whose heroes are always men I want to spend more time with.

Charlie Cochet is a GayRomLit participant. If you’d like to get to know Charlie better, you can find out more about her HERE.

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